Plastic Surgery Should Accommodate Your Calendar and Natural Shape

The board certified plastic surgeons at We Know Beauty believe your cosmetic procedure shouldn't disrupt your schedule or your inherent beauty.

Jun 21, 2013, 19:59 ET from We Know Beauty

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The physicians of We Know Beauty believe that every step of the plastic surgery process should come to their clients at a premium. From the initial consultation to the recovery time following the operation, the staff of We Know Beauty ensures the best quality care for their patients. The plastic surgeons who operate out of We Know Beauty are similarly renowned for their aesthetic sensibilities and broad expertise. From a non invasive face lift to a full scale mommy makeover, one of the six board certified plastic surgeons associated with We Know Beauty can enhance a patient's inherent beauty through surgical means. Plus, their many years of experience mean that recovery time for any procedure—whether it's a body contouring operation, a breast augmentation, or a nose job—is minimized due to fewer complications and less-invasive methods.

These surgeons include Drs. Anous, Bruno, Cohen, Hodnett, Jarrah-Nejad, and Mandris, all with proved reputations in their field. Many of these board certified plastic surgeons have further accreditation with the American College of Surgeons and the International College of Surgeons. These are some of the most highly-rated plastic surgeons not just in Southern California, but in the world. This is what makes We Know Beauty a popular destination for revision and reconstructive plastic surgery. Often patients may try to save money on a plastic surgery, only to be unhappy with the results. It then takes an incredibly skilled plastic surgeon, like the doctors mentioned above, to reverse and improve on this failed surgery. From breast augmentation revision to a secondary or even tertiary rhinoplasty, the experts at We Know Beauty guarantee that a patient never gives up on their path to their true aesthetic goals. This expertise, rarely found elsewhere, creates a dynamic and beautiful relationship between the We Know Beauty team and their many satisfied patients.

However, a client's happy relationship with We Know Beauty doesn't begin with the surgery itself; it starts from the very first second that they walk through the doors of the prominent medical group's office. The friendliness of the staff in addition to the reassuring and professional tone of the surgeon means that every potential patient feels safe, understood, and informed about the procedure they will undergo. Moreover, this consultation is always complimentary, which is just a little perk so that We Know Beauty's patients know that their time is respected as valuable. This meeting allows the doctor and patient to discuss everything about the desired procedure, including expectations, cost, and recovery concerns. There are no unpleasant surprises at We Know Beauty; everything is laid out in the beginning, leading to a smoother surgery with unparalleled results.

After this complimentary consultation, the We Know Beauty team can schedule world-class accommodations for the patient's recovery period, ensuring that they are in fantastic hands during this very delicate time. Lavish retreats with comfortable service and beautiful scenery are easily available through the network of lodgings and restaurants that We Know Beauty has built over the years. In fact, We Know Beauty specializes in out-of-state and even out-of-country patients who crave a little discretion. With recovery time reduced due to the skilled hands of the We Know Beauty surgeons and a fantastic getaway lined up for the healing period, the post-surgical period will certainly feel as minimized as possible.

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