Plum Voice Unveils New Pollster Version of Plum Survey Platform

Technology Allows Pollsters to Design, Deliver and Analyze Web and IVR Surveys Instantly

Jun 07, 2010, 10:35 ET from Plum Voice

NEW YORK, June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In today's political and technological landscape, gathering critical information and feedback from voters and other constituents quickly and accurately is vital to moving campaigns forward. Plum Voice (, the leading single-source provider of automated telephony solutions, announced the availability of its pollster version of Plum Survey ( Version 1.6, the first tool that allows users in the political and research-oriented polling industry to create one survey and deploy it over both the Internet and, via interactive voice response (IVR), the telephone in minutes. Plum Survey provides creators with real-time analytic tools and graphics to help navigate responses to identify trends, patterns and behaviors.

Plum Survey Version 1.6 collects and analyzes valuable data efficiently and inexpensively, with many features advantageous for election research. New polling-specific elements include:

  • Throttling options to manage the flow and speed of outbound calls, which controls the timing and distribution of surveys
  • Custom messages based on call type (voicemail vs. live person), and advanced call back options
  • Smart quota system which pauses survey outreach once a poll reaches the pre-determined number of respondents
  • Ability to randomize questions and block call identifiable data for anonymous responses
  • Transcriptions feature to translate verbal responses into typed comments, viewable in the web-based data analytics system and as text in CSV exports 
  • Comprehensive downloadable reports and analytics

"Plum Survey Version 1.6 is designed specifically for the needs of the polling industry. We worked with professional pollsters to deliver a system that makes their jobs and research more productive with unparalleled flexibility, speed and analytics in a simple phone and web surveying platform," said Andrew Kuan, chief executive officer, Plum Voice. "With the fall election season approaching, Plum offers pollsters a compelling solution to reach voters and other constituents more comprehensively than ever before."

Plum Survey eliminates the need to work with multiple vendors, providing a consistent experience for respondents, and cuts costs associated with managing and collecting feedback through the Internet and phone. The steps to creating a Plum Survey poll are simple. First, users create a series of question and answers through Plum's web based authoring tool. Then, the same questions are deployed over the phone and web and all data is collected. The phone survey can be call-in or call-out depending on respondents/pollsters preferences. Lastly, Plum Survey's real-time analytics tools give creators immediate insight into poll results and the ability to identify trends and analyze findings.  

Plum Survey ( debuted summer 2009 to serve enterprise polling and survey needs, and increase response by creating multi-platform distribution options to collect data.

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