Poetry site offers inspiration and reflection through our history, art and mysticism to express how we live our lives today

Jul 11, 2013, 05:45 ET from Angela Mendola

PORTLAND, Ore., July 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Poet Angela Mendola's new website, Angela Mendola Poetry: Eve of the New Renaissance is a poetry site that presents the reader to express what we often cannot. From a poem regarding the civil war to art at the Uffizi, or a young girl coming of age and dealing with a loss of a loved one, Mendola's poems offer insight and reflection.

"The poems cover many points of ones life's experiences whether it be a challenge or an inspiration from what we encounter," says the author, Angela Mendola, "It puts into words what we deeply feel.  The poetry is humanistic, yet metaphysical, it is avant-garde and is often said to be a thinking man's poetry." URL http//www.angelamendolapoetry.com

Mendola says, "Most of my work is to help people understand our purpose in life, and that is a gift to always be true to ourselves.  Sometimes you have to look at the past, to look at what we have today and improve on that. Sometimes we have to look at the future to work with the present."

The website is an E-style poetry chapbook and will be updated monthly with new additions of Mendola's work. It includes illustrations and photos to reflect on the nature of the poetry.

About the Author: Angela Mendola has been writing poetry since she was eleven years old. She was born and raised in New York City and studied creative writing at New York University. When not participating in poetry readings, Mendola is a 25 year news wire veteran and ran two feature news services. She is well recognized in the PR industry for conducting many national feature news workshops, and webinars with the media. Angela also lectures at various universities to participate in their journalism, communications programs to help students with feature writing and storytelling.

Note to the editor: Spokesperson available for interview. Photos are also available.

URL to site: http//www.angelamendolapoetry.com

SOURCE Angela Mendola