PointRight® Launches Two New Services to Help Providers Lower Rehospitalization Rates: OnPoint®-30 And OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights

OnPoint-30 and OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights guide providers in their quality improvement and marketing initiatives

Aug 15, 2012, 10:00 ET from PointRight Inc.

LEXINGTON, Mass., Aug. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- PointRight Inc., the industry leader in predictive analytics in the healthcare and insurance industry, announces the release of two new rehospitalization services for skilled nursing facilities (SNFs): OnPoint-30 and OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights.

"PointRight's goal is to provide the market with flexibility and choice based on their unique needs, and that's why we are offering two distinct services that can be used together or as stand-alone for rehospitalization," said Steven Littlehale, Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer with PointRight. "OnPoint-30 is a Web-based tool that enables providers to conduct ongoing rehospitalization analyses with their facilities, while OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights is a marketing-driven report that providers can use to demonstrate their facilities' case-mix adjusted rehospitalization rate during the first 30 days of care, when it's crucial to prevent transitions back to the hospital."

OnPoint-30 enables providers to easily identify, trend and analyze rehospitalization cases and distill quality improvement opportunities on an ongoing, consistent basis. With OnPoint-30, providers can quickly view calculated observed and adjusted rehospitalization rates for both Medicare and all-payer groups. They can evaluate undesired rehospitalizations to improve outcomes and reduce risk, as well as identify trends by comparing their rehospitalization rates to national benchmarks.

"Now more than ever, it's crucial for long-term care providers to reduce rehospitalization rates, and OnPoint-30 is the only tool of its kind that can successfully achieve this goal," Littlehale said. "With OnPoint-30, providers can quickly assess why residents returned to the hospital and determine if anything could have prevented it. They can also identify the areas of highest rehospitalization so corrections can be made and care quality improved."

OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights is a comprehensive analytics report that enables providers to demonstrate the facility's case-mix adjusted rehospitalization rate during the first 30 days of care, when it's crucial to prevent early transitions back to the hospital. OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights is a critical marketing tool that calculates and benchmarks rehospitalization rates by diagnosis, helping to level the playing field when partnering with referrers.

"Providers will use OnPoint Rehospitalization Insights to set performance goals, monitor performance against established goals and identify strengths to referrers by diagnosis," explained Cheryl Field, MSN, RN, CRRN and Vice President HealthCare with PointRight. "By closely examining a facility's performance during these critical days of transition, rates can be better managed so that future returns are minimized. This service provides this information in a comprehensive report that providers can use with their referral networks and when forging productive partnerships with hospitals."

For more information or to schedule an online demo of the OnPoint rehospitalization services, visit www.pointright.com.

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