Political Satire Novel CAINE'S PESTILENCE Publication Run to End Following Election

Nov 05, 2012, 06:00 ET from Canniche Cove Publishing, LLC

Eulogy of Caine: "we are put on this earth by our God for but a short time, each of us to fulfill a unique destiny"- www.cainespestilence.com

GLADWIN, Mich., Nov. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The conservative political satire novel Caine's Pestilence is being retired from publication - it was jointly announced by author John Bascom and Canniche Cove Publishing, LLC.

First released in January 2011, the popular fictional work uses parody of actual public figures in its plot as commentary on the failings of the American liberal political agenda and is sympathetic to a conservative world-view.  Called "unusual" and "unique" by reviewers, it contains elements of science fiction, political intrigue, drama, humor and parody.  The plot unfolds in a future America where Nancy Pelosi is president, Senator Al Franken has become chief justice of the Supreme Court and liberal commentator Keith Olbermann serves as cabinet secretary of the FCC, renamed the "Fair Communications Commission."

Caine's Pestilence has enjoyed overall strong reviews from readers and publications that have evaluated the book.  It has also had detractors from the left, and was targeted through the liberal website democraticunderground.com

"The plot turns on the fictional results of the 2012 presidential election," author Bascom said.  "With that event now at hand, the book's life is complete regardless of the outcome."

Bascom characterizes the book's retirement as the "death" of fictional central character John Caine, and has released his "Eulogy," which -- along with a synopsis and summary of reviews -- can be viewed at www.cainespestilence.com

Caine's Pestilence has been available in print and as a Kindle book through Amazon.com and as a Barnes & Noble Nook eBook as well in bookstores and through other online outlets.  It will no longer be available after November 10, 2012.

John Bascom can be reached through Canniche Cove Publishing, LLC at (989) 426-8320, jgbascom@cannichecove.com or contact@cannichecove.com

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