Poll Demonstrates Relationship Between Communication Technology and Fundamental Skillsets

Oct 29, 2012, 09:22 ET from MeetingZone Ltd

THAME, England, October 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

A recent poll has suggested that email has become the method of communication most heavily relied upon by working people, but the results also indicate that many find that this reliance has a negative effect on communication skills.

The study itself was conducted by officebroker.com and it polled 600 workers on their use of communications systems for professional purposes. A huge 68% of those polled suggested that they use email to communicate with people even inside the same building, but 97% readily accepted that putting a face to an email address was an important part of business and communications.

The chief reason for the rise of the email is speed, but the personal element is inevitably sacrificed. The team at MeetingZone, a company specialising in the provision of conferencing and collaboration solutions for business use, has seen a rise in inquiries from businesses looking to enhance their communications without losing the personal touch.

Visitors to http://www.meetingzone.com find a range of solutions in conference call technology that allow businesses to communicate internally and externally on a more personal level.

The team has noted a recent move away from an overreliance on email even though the internet still forms a very strong part of how businesses communicate. Many companies are interested in finding the right balance between fast and effective communication and good business relations.

Teleconferencing, also known as conference calling, is seen as a viable solution to the problem, particularly given the development of effective video solutions that allow companies to communicate by simulating face-to-face discussion while overcoming financial, geographical and environmental barriers to the so-called real thing.

The study by officebroker.com has drawn attention to the potential drawback of email technology in the way it diminishes face-to-face communication skills by not putting them to the test or developing them in any tangible sense. Video conferencing brings those essential skills back into play and ensures that they remain a fundamental part of the business world regardless of industry or sector.

With more and more companies operating remote working schemes as part of their bid to adapt to the modern world, this form of communication is likely to prove extremely useful in a balance with more traditional email technology.

SOURCE MeetingZone Ltd