Pontis Announces iCLM, individual Customer Lifecycle Management for Communication Service Providers

Feb 20, 2013, 05:00 ET from Pontis Ltd.

RA'ANANA, Israel, February 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

A fully automated, closed-loop marketing solution that enables CSPs to implement a contextual, Segment of One™ marketing approach to their entire customer base, improve customer experience and achieve financial excellence

Pontis Ltd, the leading provider of Customer Base Management solutions leveraging its innovative Segment of One™ approach for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), announced today the availability of its iCLM™ (individual Customer Lifecycle Management) solution. Supporting the automatic delivery of personalised offers matching each subscriber's needs and preferences, iCLM™ enables CSPs to significantly improve customer experience and revenues.

Pontis iCLM™ closes the fundamental gap between the needs and preferences of individual subscribers and the marketing objectives of CSPs. Holding customer profiles with over 300 attributes per subscriber, iCLM™ offers the ability to tailor offers to individuals based on their personal usage habits and automatically deliver such offers and campaigns in real time.

The Pontis iCLM™ platform provides marketers with a range of capabilities, including:

  • Highly personalised offers, based on each customer's usage, behavioural patterns and preferences
  • Predictive analytics algorithms that increase the ability to predict individuals' subscriber behaviour
  • Real-time decisioning: delivering the right offer, at the optimal time and context, to increase response rates
  • Simulation tools enabling the efficient testing of multiple offer variations to select the optimal offer in a full-scale launch
  • Business discovery allowing the real-time monitoring and analysis of campaigns with drill down capabilities for multiple KPIs
  • Mega capacity  offering big data handling and linear scalability of hundreds of millions of events, with the capacity to reach billions of events per day

"With iCLM™, mobile operators finally gain insight into what their subscribers really want. Together with our big data analytics and real time delivery capabilities, operators can achieve superior marketing effectiveness, well beyond typical batch-process campaign management solutions," said Udi Ziv, Pontis President. "Marketers can deliver the right offer to the right person at the right time, with our platform automating the entire process, including offer fulfilment."

iCLM™ enhances Pontis' successful solution, which is already used by over 25 leading carriers worldwide.

Pontis executives will be discussing the iCLM™ offering at the Mobile Wold Congress 2013, February 25-28. To learn more and schedule a meeting click here.

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Pontis is the market leader in Customer Base Management Solutions, enabling an innovative Segment of One™ approach for Communication Service Providers (CSPs). At the age of extensive choice, when Loyalty and Customer Experience are top priorities, world-leading Tier-1 CSPs rely on Pontis to manage individual Lifecycles for millions of subscribers. With the Pontis solution, CSPs can automatically accompany individual subscribers in their journey and deliver personalized offers at the right time and with the right context. The Pontis solution combines advanced technology with unique marketing know-how to help its customers execute their strategies and achieve financial excellence.

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