Popular DIY Online Ticketing Platform Ticketleap Adds New Features, Rapidly Gains Marketplace Traction

With Selfie Ticket and Low-Fee $5 Ticket Options, Ticketleap Helps Users Build Communities

Jul 23, 2015, 10:00 ET from Ticketleap

PHILADELPHIA, July 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Experiences, not things, are what connects us to others and create lasting memories. Ticketleap, a popular DIY online ticketing platform, was built around that premise and is designed to help people create great experiences by making ticketing simple. Founded eight years ago, the company has generated $350 million in ticket sales – a third of that in the past 12 months alone – and continues to release numerous new products.

"We want to move the ticketing industry from where it is now to where it should be," says CEO Tim Raybould. "Events are all about making personal connections and strengthening relationships. With a simple, intuitive interface and ticketing options that make sense for events of all sizes, Ticketleap delivers all the tools event organizers need."

Ticketleap provides an easy way for users to create effective event pages that instantly convey the personality of the occasion. Instead of taking attendees to a standard credit card form, Ticketleap event pages are customizable to match users' websites or allow users to showcase images that provide an event preview. The pages provide clear navigation to helpful information like directions and purchase options and look great when viewed online or with a mobile device.

The company continuously rolls out new features and functions to simplify the ticketing process. A redesign of the Ticketleap event page template launched last year and increased conversion rates by 23%. The Selfie Ticket, a check-in method that uses a selfie to create unique mobile tickets, is another popular feature on Ticketleap. It is both the friendliest way to welcome attendees to your event and the most efficient, decreasing check-in times significantly.

Ticketleap makes payment processing a breeze, too. There are no contracts or startup fees, and users can accept credit cards online or at the door. Ticketleap recently lowered event fees for tickets priced at $5 or less to just $.0.25 per ticket, including credit card processing. Now, organizers of events with tickets $5 or less can enjoy the same benefits of selling tickets online that other organizers do.

As the company closes in on half a million experiences powered by its platform, Ticketleap continues to work towards ticketing the way it should be. In addition to that, Ticketleap is currently developing m.et, an app to help users keep track of in-person events, share meetings with teams and inspire more person-to-person interactions. This new project fits in perfectly with Ticketleap's overall mission of helping teams build in-person relationships. Learn more at www.ticketleap.com.

About Ticketleap

With the belief that connections are best formed in person, Ticketleap provides the technology and support to help event organizers make more connections happen. The Ticketleap platform gives users all the tools and support they need to create great looking event pages that are optimized for online and mobile viewing, spread the word through social media, accept payment, and welcome attendees. With more than $350 million in tickets sold, Ticketleap transforms events into experiences. Find out more at www.ticketleap.com.  


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