PORTERO Reports… Five Brands with Staying Power in the Secondary Luxury Accessories Market

May 19, 2015, 11:17 ET from PORTERO

NEW YORK, May 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- At any given time, the luxury fashion world touts an array of high-end handbags, timepieces or fine jewelry as the "must-have" accessories of the moment. If money is no object, luxury consumers can choose on a whim. But for most, making a considerable investment in a fashion accessory should trigger the question of which brands will stand the test of time. Or, taking it a step further, which might even appreciate over time. With the cost of luxury goods on the rise coupled with the growing desire for attainable luxury, exploring the secondary marketplace just might be the best investment yet.

PORTERO, the web's premier destination for the ultimate in authentic, pre-owned luxury handbags, jewelry and timepieces, is the voice of authority on these matters. PORTERO's team of experts know definitively which brands have staying power and are able to withstand the inevitable swing of the fashion pendulum.  They also know which brands historically gain in stature and desirability, adding to their value. So which are the top 5 brands?  According to PORTERO, they are Hermes, Cartier, Rolex, Chanel and Bulgari.

Director of PORTERO, Alexis Clarbour, who comes from a considerable finance background, advises those considering a purchase in the secondary luxury market to keep some key points in the forefront of their minds.

"The secondary marketplace is very much like a commodity. Brands and their collections gain and lose value based on specific factors," notes Clarbour.  "Some of the points to consider when contemplating a purchase include demand for a specific brand or style, the quality and condition of the item and whether there is a current, heightened buzz surrounding a designer or house."

For quite some time, Hermes has been the brand with the ultimate holding value, in part due to the tight rein they have on supply. "A prime example would be an Hermes Birkin bag. If it's in excellent or pristine condition, and the right color, leather and hardware, one can receive a high premium to retail for that bag," asserts Clarbour.

In addition to Hermes, two other especially strong iconic brands with staying power are Chanel, whose rapidly rising retail prices make Chanel bags prized in the secondary market, and Rolex, whose history of immaculate craftsmanship and precision make their vintage and modern timepieces an astute customer's must-have. Another brand that is noticeably holding its value in the secondary marketplace is Bulgari. Its high profile jewelry and strong presence on the red carpet is exciting a new luxury audience.

What are the hottest accessory items in the secondary luxury market right now? PORTERO weighs in with specifics, keeping a sharp eye on what comes in and what flies out:

The ever-popular Hermes Birkin bag


When shopping from a trusted source in the secondary marketplace, one can have their desired Hermes Birkin (color, material, hardware), in pristine condition, within a few business days, rather than remaining on a waitlist.

Chanel Flap Bag


An icon in its own right, the Chanel Flap bag's retail continues to rise; however, you can find this staple handbag at an excellent price in the secondary marketplace.

Rolex Vintage Cosmograph Daytona


One of Rolex's most sought-after models, the Daytona is a great collector's piece and one that will hold its value over time.

Cartier LOVE Bracelet


A highly coveted piece, its simplistic design and symbolism have made it an icon, and one that is in huge demand in the secondary marketplace.

Bulgari Earrings


The House of Bulgari is best known for its use of colored gemstones, just like these earrings. We have noticed an increased interest in Bulgari's colored stones, Serpenti, and Tubogas collections in the secondary market.

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