Portland Author Attacking Teen Financial Illiteracy Using Hard-Hitting Graphic Novel

This summer will be a challenge for millions of teens and their families. Whether constrained by the economy or a lack of financial understanding, teens need fresh perspective and some wisdom. This unique graphic novel comes just in time

May 30, 2012, 06:18 ET from FarBeyond Publishing LLC

PORTLAND, Ore., May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Teens and young adults are uniquely challenged by America's recent economic contraction. In addition to a lack of work experience, most young Americans lack the financial skills necessary to navigate an increasingly competitive and complex economic landscape. Author Paul Nourigat, Senior Wealth Strategist for U.S. Bank, has delivered his seventh financial literacy book, "IF MONEY COULD SHOUT .. the brutal truths for teens". He expects to engage young readers in short stories about financial success using over 400 original illustrations in the very popular graphic novel format.

"Financial Literacy and Credit Cards"
As reported by The International Journal of Business and Social Science in April 2012 "...only 9.4% of students paid their credit card in full each month. This result may also explain part of our national problem with credit. If our college students do not understand credit costs, what can we expect from the larger portion of our society without a college education? It is clear the status quo of financial literacy is a failure." Says Nourigat, "To solve the youth debt problem, we must inform and inspire teens to earn their way, save vs. spend, and to budget and plan for their future. Equally important, we must give young people hope during this very difficult economic phase."

Breaking through
Today's teens have grown up with video games, open internet access and more text messages in a day than their parents received in a lifetime. In that environment, progressive approaches are required to capture teens' attention and conquer the plague of financial illiteracy. Graphic novels are the breakthrough medium for this age group. Massachusetts High School English Teacher Maureen Bakis, in her book "The Graphic Novel Classroom", points out that "Students read graphic novels. They don't pretend to read. The comics media and themes in graphics novels are more connected to students' experiences and more personally relevant to their lives. They don't often get bored reading and give up."

Parents and teachers want help
Nourigat integrated emerging educational standards into the design of his books. By weaving life skills and reasoning skills into the financial literacy stories, Nourigat expects to magnify results from efforts in the home and the classroom. The book's eight short stories emphasize financial themes in scenarios teens relate to. Each 13-page story was illustrated by a different artist from across the U.S., deepening reader engagement through the diverse graphical styles.

What about younger kids?
Over the past year, Nourigat has also released six financial literacy books for K-5 (5 - 12 years old). Each of his seven books introduces financial concepts within fictional stories, against a vivid backdrop of original artwork on each page, profiling talented artists. The books are sold on Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com.

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