Postable Launches to Introduce a Better Way to Write and Mail Print 'Thank You' Cards For Wedding Gifts, Baby Shower Presents & More

New Site Features Exclusive Digital Writing Desk That Allows Users to Easily Type a Series of Individual Messages and Have Them Render as Personally Handwritten on Designer Paper Cards

Postable Handles the Hassle of Envelope Stuffing & Mailing Too

May 14, 2013, 12:00 ET from Postable

NEW YORK, May 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Even in today's digital age, millions of people find themselves needing to mail out handwritten cards when it comes to saying "thank you" for wedding gifts, baby shower presents and more – but many tech-savvy consumers find the process of handwriting cards to be a figurative and literal pain. Today, Postable  ( officially launches to face that challenge with a site that offers an easy-to-use online address book to collect friends and family's mailing information, and a proprietary digital writing desk that allows users to quickly draft dozens and dozens of personalized, handwritten cards that will be mailed out without ever putting pen to paper or stamp to envelope.


Capturing the experience of choosing a card from a carefully curated neighborhood boutique, visitors to Postable are able to select from a collection of over 200 designs created by top independent artists from across the country, most of whom shy away from granting permission to license their work online.

All cards are printed on top-quality, 100 percent recycled paper stock using techniques that render the site's 10 handwriting fonts to actually appear written by hand. If necessary, when an individual message gets a bit lengthy, the Postable digital writing desk will automatically shrink the handwriting font to accommodate the card's dimensions. Ten other fun stylized fonts are available as well, such as "Vintage Typewriter" and "Crayon," and include the same automatic resizing functionality.

The founders behind Postable, childhood friends Scott Potash and Jesse Blockton, came up with the idea for the site after discussing the frustration – and aching fingers – that Potash faced in writing hundreds of wedding and baby shower gift "thank you" cards over the years. Together, they unveiled Postable's digital address book in beta last March, allowing users to take advantage of its capabilities at no cost.

"Realizing that nobody has anyone's mailing addresses anymore, we decided that the initial stage of the site needed to be a digital address book  – seemingly effortless for the user, completely free, private and crowd-sourced," said Potash. "Turns out that our instincts were correct. Within days of the beta release, the address book gained attention and attracted tens of thousands of enthusiastic users, many of whom were engaged couples and young parents. Now, with the official launch of Postable, we're aiming to take things a giant step forward, hoping to reinvent and ultimately improve the way people write and mail thank you cards."

"Just as the Postable address book takes the pain out of collecting addresses from a big group, the new writing desk turns what used to be a time-consuming chore into an absolute pleasure, " said Blockton. "And with millions of weddings and baby showers happening every year – not to mention college graduations, anniversaries and even bar mitzvahs – there are a lot of people out there looking for a way to easily deal with the hassle of writing and mailing thank you cards to a big group. Plus, by removing some of the more challenging aspects of the card writing process, we're hopefully giving our users the opportunity to focus on what's most important when saying 'thank you' – the message."

The address book feature on Postable continues to be free. The cost for each personalized card is $2, plus postage, with Postable handling mailing as well.

About Postable:
Founded by childhood friends Scott Potash and Jesse Blockton, Postable ( takes all the pain out of writing and mailing thank you cards, letting users quickly draft hundreds of personalized, handwritten cards that will be delivered to recipients' mailboxes without ever putting pen to paper. The site also solves the problem of having to obtain and maintain mailing addresses for friends, family and colleagues through its free crowd-sourced address book.

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