PowerSecure and Government of Bahamas Sign Management Services Agreement For Bahamas Power and Light

-- Milestone in reform of Bahamas energy sector --

-- Agreement targets customer cost reductions and reliability improvements --

-- Improved customer service and renewable energy key components of plan --

-- Rate reduction bond will replace legacy debt and enable new investment in infrastructure to reduce costs --

-- 35-year utility veteran Jeff Wallace appointed CEO of BPL --

Feb 09, 2016, 06:15 ET from PowerSecure International, Inc.

WAKE FOREST, N.C., Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- PowerSecure (NYSE: POWR) announced today that the company has signed a Management Services Agreement (MSA) with the government of The Bahamas under which PowerSecure will provide its management services to Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) for the next five years.

The MSA includes a business plan which outlines cost-reduction and reliability targets along with renewable energy and customer service initiatives for New Providence and the Family Islands.

"Today is an exciting new day in The Bahamas as we progress into a formal relationship with PowerSecure to implement a robust business plan with the goal to reduce customer electricity costs and provide increased reliability," said Nathaniel Beneby, chairman of the board for BPL.

Recently passed energy reform legislation by The Bahamas provided for the incorporation of BPL, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), to provide safe and secure electrical services for The Bahamas in a modernized and cost-effective manner. The new legislation also calls for the issuance of a rate reduction bond, which BPL intends to be utilized to refinance BEC's existing legacy debt and to fund infrastructure and efficiency investments for BPL which would result in a net reduction to customer electricity bills.

"It is an honor and a blessing to be selected to serve the Bahamian people. PowerSecure team members, especially our chief utility officer, Ronnie Brannen, and our chief sales officer, Mark Martyak, have spent hundreds of hours on the ground in New Providence and across all of the Family Islands rigorously assessing the current condition of existing assets and developing renewable energy and other exciting approaches aimed at improving the efficiency and reliability of electricity for The Bahamas for years to come," said Sidney Hinton, chief executive officer of PowerSecure.

Under the terms of the MSA, in addition to PowerSecure receiving a baseline annual management fee of $2 million, BPL must achieve pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs) related to cost reductions, reliability improvements and customer service enhancements in order for PowerSecure to receive potential additional performance-based compensation of up to 150 percent of the management fee per year.  

Additionally, the BPL board of directors has appointed Jeff Wallace as the new CEO of BPL, effective immediately. Mr Wallace has more than 35 years of utility experience and over the past 10 years served as the vice president of fuel procurement for Southern Company, where he was responsible for managing $7 billion in fuel procurement, planning and delivery programs for 85 power plants.

"I look forward to meeting the team at BPL and working towards creating a world-class utility delivering highly-reliable, low-cost power to the Bahamian people and fostering a culture of excellence at BPL that allows our employees to grow professionally and contribute to a thriving workplace," Wallace said.

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