PPT Accelerates Time-to-Market for Materials Companies with Advanced Spray Dryer and Emissions Control Capabilities

Dec 07, 2015, 11:11 ET from Powder Processing & Technology

VALPARAISO, Ind., Dec. 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Powder Processing & Technology ("PPT"), a processor of powdered materials for North America's largest materials companies, announces a significant expansion of its capabilities, and capacity.

The company, which serves inorganic and ceramic materials processors, has installed advanced spray drying capabilities which enable the spray drying of ceramic and inorganic powders down to 50 micron granule size with exceptional uniformity. 

This capability is required by manufacturers in 12 critical industrial sectors, including electronic powders, minerals processing, oil field materials, refractory materials, catalyst manufacturing, and materials recovery. Spray drying converts an aqueous solution into a free-flowing powder with an average particle size of 50-200 microns.

Simultaneously, the company has substantially increased its ability to handle NOx emissions from its thermal processes, allowing it to serve the broadest range of materials companies.

Specifically, a ceramic catalyst filter system engineered and manufactured by Tri-Mer corporation (Owosso, MI) is now operational.  As a direct result, PPT can now handle the broadest range of conditions and concentrations of evolved NOx. 

Current capabilities of the equipment include powdered feedstock and formed materials at temperatures up to 1100 degrees F. The system is capable of handling NOx emissions in the range of two to fifty pounds per hour with NOx destruction efficiency adjustable up to 95%. The Tri-Mer equipment can easily be modified to remove sulfur oxides (SOx), hydrochloric acid gas (HCl), dioxins, mercury and other pollutants. 

The Tri-Mer unit also captures particulate – PM10, PM2.5, and submicron PM – with over 99% efficiency. Tri-Mer's emissions technology is in operation on large kilns and furnaces across the U.S and Europe.

Powder Processing & Technology specializes in spray drying and thermal processing of ceramics and inorganic chemicals. Its Innovative Materials Center laboratory has a broad capability to develop spray drying and other processing technology on a pilot scale.  The company has partnered extensively with the world's preeminent materials companies to commercialize 'best in class' materials technology.

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