PR Newswire's Business Technology Round-up, 10th October 2012

Oct 10, 2012, 11:16 ET from PR Newswire

LONDON, October 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Streetline nominated for WTA, Comcast extends Internet Essentials program and LG launches new Mach smartphone

Streetline, Inc., a company that provides smart technology to local governments across the globe, has been nominated for the prestigious World Technology Award for its contribution to environmental protection.

The young company joins a shortlist of around 50 companies and 100 individuals who are in contention for the award, which will eventually be given to the organisation or person that has conducted the "most innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance."

The nomination swiftly follows Streetline's inclusion as one of the 10 most innovative companies in transportation. WTN chairman James Clark has described the award as "the ultimate global platform to honour visionary contributions in the science and technology areas," with winners tipped for future success.

Comcast, a leading US provider of telecoms systems and communication products, has announced the extension of its philanthropic Internet Essentials program, with the aim of providing hundreds of thousands of Americans with access to the web.

The extension will come as welcome news to those in deprived areas, with the program having helped an astonishing 400,000 Americans connect to the Internet in its first year alone. In addition to making the program available for at least another year, the company has also announced a number of enhancements that will improve the lives of participants even further. Improvements include a doubling of available broadband speeds, free literacy training and expanded eligibility that will bring the total number of eligible participants to 2.3million.

The aim of the program is to improve web access for deprived children, with the Commissioner of Education for New Hampshire, Virginia M. Barry, stating that "Broadband is a critical ingredient for academic success." The service costs families just $9.95 a month, with a no-increase guarantee.

LG, a globally renowned manufacturer of high quality consumer electronics, has announced the launch of its new Mach smartphone, which will launch on the Sprint network in time for the Christmas period.

The Mach is a significant addition to LG's existing range of devices, bringing the new industry standard 4G LTE service to its customers. The device will also contain an impressive 1.2 GHz core processor to increase overall performance, as well as a pop-out QWERTY keyboard for increased convenience.

With a slim design, powerful processor and 4in screen, the Mach is the result of LG's desire to create a smartphone "capable of keeping up with their [users] daily lives and delivering today's digital entertainment."

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