PR Newswire's Business Technology Round-up, 24th October 2012

Oct 24, 2012, 09:00 ET from PR Newswire

LONDON, October 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Accelrys purchases Aegis, Vitals announces online directory expansion and MTN opens innovation office

Accelrys, an innovative provider of lifecycle management software, has announced its purchase of enterprise software producer Aegis Analytical in a deal worth around $30 million to the company.

The new purchase will see Accelrys expand its current offering of management software for the scientific industry, with customers now given access to an all-encompassing program to aid the process of taking an invention from the lab to the market.

The range of software, bolstered by the recent purchase, allows inventors to manage quality control, streamline their processes and control external risks. Whilst Accelrys did provide customers with the tools to manage their innovations, the newly acquired Aegis software goes further in giving users greater control over data processing and presentation, and provides a real-time insight into their manufacturing process.

Vitals, a powerful online consumer healthcare tool, has announced a significant expansion to its online database, which now contains details and ratings of every doctor in the United States.

The website specialises in providing the public with in-depth information on their choice of physician, allowing them to make an informed choice about where they choose to seek treatment. Users can rate and discuss their experiences with doctors, giving a more personal touch to the recommendations.

The site currently boasts over 11 million regular monthly visitors, with CEO Mitch Rothschild expecting that number to grow significantly "as 30 million new patients are added to the healthcare system under the Affordable Health Care Act", known to its detractors as 'Obamacare'. Whilst the primary function is to provide consumers with greater knowledge, the site's owners also hope that the ability of users to share and rate their experiences will encourage better practise within the medical industry.

MTN Satellite Communications, a global provider of remote connectivity solutions, has announced the opening of a new "Product Innovation Office" tasked with creating cutting edge products using the latest technology on the market.

The new office will be staffed by some of the company's brightest software developers and engineers, who will have free reign over research projects, with the ultimate goal of producing the next major product in the maritime and remote connectivity industry.

A growing consumer demand for data consumption and the arrival of high tech mobile devices has created a gap in the market for revolutionary "satellite, Wi-Fi and cloud computing technologies", according to CEO Errol Olivier, who also affirmed his company's commitment to delivering these solutions in new, innovative ways.

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