PR Newswire's Business Technology Round-up, 26th October 2012

Oct 26, 2012, 09:00 ET from PR Newswire

LONDON, October 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

LG launches UHD TV, Airpush wins ME award and sMedio announces new software range

LG has announced the launch of its first ever Ultra High Definition television set, allowing customers to experience media quality four times greater than the traditional HD options.

The new TV has gone on sale in the US with a recommended price of $19,999.99, with a global roll-out expected over the coming months. LG has partnered with niche high-end electronics supplier Video & Audio Centre to launch the device, which it expects to be the next big trend in media viewing technology.

The system combines innovative 4K and HD technology to deliver a truly stunning visual performance, with its proprietary "LG Resolution Upscaler Plus" technology automatically converting HD programs into Ultra HD for the best viewing experience. Speaking after the launch, Senior Vice President Jay Vandenbree enthused over the "crisp and immersive viewing experience" provided by the device.

Airpush, a major developer of apps for the popular Android platform, has been named the "Best Mobile Ad Network" as part of the 2012 Mobile Excellence Award ceremony in Los Angeles.

The award recognises the company's phenomenal success in delivering high quality, conversion driven ads to the Android platform, after receiving the second highest level of payouts from the Google Play store. Airpush is now the second largest Android mobile ad network in the world, having managed to double its customer base every quarter for the last 12 months.

The company allows app developers to build revenue generating advertisements into their software, creating a miniature economy within the app store and ensuring that many apps can remain free to customers at the point of use. Airpush intends to release new software by the end of the year.

sMedio, an innovative Japanese developer of wireless technology, has announced the launch of its new range of software, bringing two cutting edge programs to Windows 8 users.

The company has successfully launched TrueLink+ and TrueSync to Windows and Android customers this week, allowing seamless and wireless streaming of content between two devices over a local Wi-Fi network. Customers are also able to use the software to easily transfer data from one system to another, easing the process of setting up a new computer. The new software is part of the company's intention to develop a comprehensive cloud based services solution, with its technology widely integrated into Windows devices.

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