Pradeo Protects Smartphone Security with Remediation

Remediation by Pradeo exposes exactly what data is being shared by mobile apps and lets users take control

Sep 05, 2016, 09:00 ET from Pradeo

SAN FRANCISCO, September 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

The worldwide Apps security experts at Pradeo have launched a new solution that shows users exactly what Apps are doing with their personal data and provides tools to prevent unwanted behaviors.

Consumers know how to protect their computer, but are they doing enough to protect their phone, tablet or connected device? Many think that hackers won't crack their mobile device or that their data isn't worth hacking. Unfortunately, the risk still exists, and its greatest vulnerability is in Apps and their behaviors.

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Phones overflow with data: contacts, locations, financial information. Attracted by this well-furnished source of information, smartphone hackers are setting their sights on Apps, and also develop clones and malicious Apps to steal data..

The Remediation Security Solution
Pradeo's new Remediation technology offers a breakthrough in smartphone App security. With Pradeo, smartphone users can:

  • Know everything precisely about their apps' behaviors, on every device: Android or iOS.
  • Determine which behaviors to accept or change, following their own privacy policy.
  • Fix the inappropriate behaviors, preventing the App from performing undesired actions in the future.

Before Remediation, users and administrators had no other choice but to accept or reject the standard functioning of their favorite apps. Now with Remediation they can go further, even correcting inappropriate behaviors without sacrificing App's functionality.

Remediation helps users take control of their apps without having to compromise on freedom and security.

The Remediation technology breakthrough is provided only by Pradeo and promotes a mobile world where users can set their own data protection rules.

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