Pray for Ya'an: Shanghai Youth League Committee and Touchmedia Encourage Advocate Blood Donations by IT Youth

May 13, 2013, 00:43 ET from Touchmedia

SHANGHAI, May, 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A special youth focused "Touch Your Heart – Donate for Love" blood drive campaign was launched recently under the auspices of the Shanghai Committee of the Youth League, Touchmedia, the Shanghai Blood Center and the Shanghai IT Youth Talent Association. As a part of the "Shanghai IT Youth Caring Plan", the campaign aims to assist public spirited IT entrepreneurs wanting to help in this crisis to donate blood themselves and help them use their resources to encourage others in society to donate as well.



IT elite to Donate blood, model youth to 'raise hand for love'

People crowded into the Shanghai Blood Center for the day as IT elite rolled up their sleeves to donate blood, a sharp contrast to the normal image of the "Tech Geek!"  One blood donor from the Shanghai Office of CMCC, said: "I have often thought of donating blood, but didn't know how to start.  It is quite novel to see the blood drive campaign in taxis.  Inputting my phone number while I sat in the cab to make an appointment was so easy.  I wanted to contribute to helping the injured in the Ya'an earthquake, so the timing was perfect.  I will ask more friends to join in this community charity campaign through Touchmedia's interactive screens."

XingBo, vice chairman of the Shanghai IT Youth Talent Association, added: "The launch of the 'Shanghai IT Youth Caring Plan' aims to promote and organize IT companies to aid disadvantaged youth. Participation in the "Touch Your Heart-Donate for Love" blood drive campaign is a away to give back for all of us and using the interactive technology of Touchmedia's screens and the "Blood Donation Booking Channel" exemplifies the new IT age.

The day also addressed popular misconceptions that giving blood can only be done once a year and that it can hurt your health.  In fact, 2 or 3 times a year is fine.  Nancy Pon, general manager of Touchevents, the subsidiary of Touchmedia that manages the Mr. and Miss WOWTM campaign, donated for the second time in 6 months, showing with her practical actions that donating can actually be good for your health.

Touch Your Heart, Pray for Ya'an

The "Touch Your Heart – Donate for Love" blood drive campaign, launched last year by Touchmedia with the Shanghai Blood Center and the Shanghai Blood Management Office, uses in-taxi interactive programs to reach tens of millions of viewers every month. The campaign has received support from many celebrities, business and community leaders and more than 50,000 people have enrolled using the taxi screens. 

Micky Fung, founder and executive chairman of Touchmedia, explained, "As the Chinese saying goes, blood is thicker than water.  The earthquake in Ya'an has touched the hearts of everyone around the country.  The survivors need help.  Every drop of blood, every dollar can help save a life.  In fact, not only people who have suffered from natural disasters need your help, but also young leukemia patients, mothers, accident victims and all the other patients in the community who need blood to save their lives and allow them to embrace the future.  So I want to sincerely thank all the friends who have given blood and ask everyone who can to donate blood today."  He also emphasized that Touchmedia would continue to develop this platform to support community service and charity.

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