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KENNESAW, Ga., Dec. 11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, the leading source of alternative credit scoring services for lenders, today announced updates and service enhancements to its website. The portal allows businesses and lenders to tap into a highly underserved community of Americans that is otherwise excluded from the traditional credit market.

With more than 100 million individuals included in this category, helps businesses broaden their target markets and manage risk associated with lending.

A fresh look's latest upgrades were targeted at streamlining user experiences through an updated interface that is simpler and more functional. Business leaders will likely need the service to be up and running as soon as possible, and startup and deployment aspects have been improved to speed up the initial adoption process.

"The fact remains that more than 100 million Americans are left out of the lending and credit discussion due to the short-sighted practices of traditional credit scoring," PRBC Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Sean Albert affirmed. "With the latest updates and improvements, will now allow businesses to reach this untapped market more quickly, efficiently and progressively than ever before."

Because alternative credit scoring is not the standard, business leaders must ensure target prospects know they accept this form of financial reporting. can enable the ability to accept alternative credit scores, while connecting organizations to more borrowers and consumers.

Once the business passes through the more seamless startup and deployment phases of alternative credit scoring, it can get the word out with ease.

Broadening horizons
Leaving 100 million potential customers untapped will never yield the highest possible profit margins, and works to alleviate this issue. With a highly user friendly interface and speedier startup requirements, the updated website will be a powerful tool in the hands of businesses and lenders from the start.

Organizations should be accepting alternative credit scores that include information otherwise omitted from traditional reports to reach the most prospects and ensure low-risk decision-making and client relationship practices.

About PRBC

PRBC is the leading source for alternative credit data in the world. The combination of and enables consumers to understand their own alternative credit score, then connect with lenders and creditors who accept these reports. By including data points that would otherwise be omitted within traditional credit scores, such as utilities bills and other monthly expenses, true credit history will be better understood rather than only a portion of the whole story. Businesses using will be able to tap into an underserved and underbanked population with 110 million untapped prospects in the United States.

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