Precision Guided Firearm Company TrackingPoint Releases Demonstration Video To Huge Mashable Response

Animated Video of World's First Firearm System with Jet Fighter Lock-and-Launch Technology Attracts Nearly 200,000 Views in First Week

May 29, 2013, 09:00 ET from TrackingPoint

AUSTIN, Texas, May 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- TrackingPoint, creator of the world's first smart rifle, today announced the release of a computer-animated trailer showcasing its extreme-distance Precision Guided Firearm (PGF) technology. The video, available for viewing in multiple locations on the Internet, has been seen nearly 200,000 times since its debut on Mashable on May 16.

The trailer was written, directed and produced by Travis Getz of Getz Solutions. Visuals were provided by Plastic Wax, an award-winning computer graphics company specializing in 3D content for games and film; Plastic Wax's past animation credits include Saints Row, Civilization V, and Fallout New Vegas. Justin Drust, a game industry audio designer, supplied the audio.

TrackingPoint, makers of the world's first PGF system, has forever changed real-world marksmanship by integrating jet fighter lock-and-launch technology into a small arms shooting system. Precision Guided Firearms track and hit moving targets at extreme ranges by first "tagging" the desired impact point in the Heads Up Display with a red dot. The tag persists on the target, regardless of relative movement, and the system immediately calculates an exact firing solution, represented by a blue X, from multiple sensor inputs factoring in laser determined range, wind, target velocity, shot angle, rifle cant, temperature, barometric pressure and even coriolis effect. When the shooter is ready to fire, he aligns the X with the dot, squeezes and holds the trigger to arm the system, and fires the smart rifle when the dot (what he wants to hit) and the X (what he has to do to hit the dot) are perfectly aligned – he is guided to take the best shot possible.

In the new animated trailer, a man is portrayed on his ranch in the Southwestern U.S. learning to protect his livestock from a mountain lion with the TrackingPoint PGF system. Later, after his experience in the military and as a law enforcement tactical officer, he once more uses the technology to save the life of a hostage.

"Our customers have come to expect regular video content from us that showcases the incredible capabilities of smart rifle technology. In this case, we decided to do something different and have a video game trailer for our real technology product as a nod to video game companies who use live action to sell their virtual experience. We invested heavily in the user interface and the heads up display for the Precision Guided Firearm, and Plastic Wax and Getz Solutions did an exceptional job bringing the HUD to life in this medium."

The new TrackingPoint trailer can also be viewed at and on YouTube at

About TrackingPoint
TrackingPoint is an Austin, Texas-based applied technology company that created the first Precision Guided Firearm, a revolutionary new long-range shooting system that puts jet fighter lock-and-launch technology in a rifle, enabling anyone to accurately hit targets at extended ranges.

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