Premium Custom Metal Fabrication Shop Opens Its Doors for the First in a Series of Welding Courses

Sparks fly in Total Metal Resource's (TMRnyc) inaugural MIG-welding class, where participants cut, grind, and weld a steel cube in just four hours.

Oct 31, 2013, 17:15 ET from Total Metal Resource

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Oct. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Scott Behr, Brooklyn-based custom metal fabricator and founder of Total Metal Resource, has launched TMRnyc's first Metal Shop Fantasy Camp: "How to Build a Cube." During the class, which runs four hours on Thursday nights and Saturdays, campers will learn to cut, fit, clamp, grind, MIG-weld, and finish a gleaming, 6" x 6" steel cube. 

Focused on rapid learning, "How to Build a Cube" gets campers comfortable with a range of tools in a metalworking shop, and provides foundational skills that they can apply to an array of future projects. Each student works with a partner and receives immediate, one-on-two instruction from a member of the TMRnyc staff. During the class, campers will master measuring accurately, cutting steel, tack-welding, MIG-welding, and fine finishing. There's no age minimum -- anyone who wants to can quickly and efficiently learn to weld at Metal Shop Fantasy Camp.

Master metalworker Behr conceived Metal Shop Fantasy Camp after being approached several times by friends and acquaintances. "People tend to tell me, 'wow, I'd love to do what you do,'" he says. "The fact is, with a few hours of training, they can." Metal Shop Fantasy Campers come for the sparks, whirs, and heavy-duty machinery, and stay for the satisfaction of ownership when their cube is complete.

"How to Build a Cube" runs through November and beyond according to demand, and costs $215 in materials and instruction fees. The class had a soft-launch in late October, and is currently accepting registrants on the Metal Shop Fantasy Camp website ( Classes are limited to eight people, and take place at the TMRnyc metal fabrication shop at 52 Box Street in Brooklyn.

Total Metal Resource is a luxe metal fabrication shop that services both corporate and private clients. Behr and his team have created newly minted New York City landmarks such as the Chobani SoHo location, Sprinkles Cupcakes' storefront, and the Shinola flagship. TMRnyc designs, engineers and prototypes high-edge furniture, lighting, objects, and environments, including its signature Retrocard, a belt-buckle-turned Metrocard holder, and its line of socketed furniture, SideWired.


SOURCE Total Metal Resource