Premium Police Brutality And Activism App Released For Free On November 5th

Nov 05, 2015, 16:45 ET from SafeArx

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- November 5th is a meaningful day for activists throughout the world and on this day SafeArx, the makers of premium app Cell 411 have decided to make the app free in order to promote awareness about police brutality and encourage users to adopt disruptive technologies in order to hold police accountable. The app answers the question, "Who do you call when the police are the ones attacking you?"

Cell 411 is a platform and mobile app which allows users to manage and respond to potentially urgent and dangerous situations in real times. Users of Cell 411 can issue alerts to their friends, neighbors and family members if they are harassed by police, have car problems or observe criminal activity, including GPS coordinates with turn-by-turn directions to their locations.

The app also allows users to stream live video and save the video to a third party server where it cannot be removed by authorities even if the phone is destroyed or maliciously wiped. A "Patrol Mode" allows users to even patrol a 50 mile radius and respond to alerts issued by other individuals in the area who may be in need of help or rescue from police abuse.

Users can issue and respond to alerts from neighborhood watch groups, family members and school friends, all without the involvement of police officers.

"The idea behind the app is that we eliminate police involvement as much as possible and we encourage individuals to use the app to hold police accountable instead of calling upon them to respond with violence when a situation does not necessitate the use of force," said Virgil Vaduva, founder and developer of Cell 411.  "We are hoping that this type of technology will encourage both activists and also police officers to use peaceful and non-violent ways to solve problems while promoting accountability," said Vaduva.

The app is now free to download in the Google Play Store and waiting to be approved by Apple in the Apple App store.

Cell 411 can be downloaded from

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