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Oct 12, 2010, 08:00 ET from

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., Oct. 12 /PRNewswire/ --- this week announced that it has revised its web site to be bigger and better than ever. It's not just about electronic cigarettes anymore.  

In fact, just last week, PremiumEcigarette exhibited at the NACS (National Association for Convenience Stores) tradeshow in Atlanta where its e-cigarette was in the top 10 for being the most scanned product by attendees in the "Cool New Product Review Room."

So what does this mean? It clearly demonstrates that electronic cigarettes are gaining popularity in the convenience-store industry.

PremiumEcigarette has signed a deal with multiple 7-Eleven stores on the east coast and it is planning to increase that number in the near future by working with other national and regional c-store chains.

"We now have more products, customized kits and we've made it easier for our customers to place orders," says Vitali Servutas, marketing director for "And, overall, we're just more user-friendly and able to accommodate a greater variety of smokers."  

In addition to the popular e-cigarettes, the company now also offers e-cigars and e-pipes.  

Public smoking has definitely taken a hit over the past few years and it's not just limited to cigarettes; bans also extend to pipes and cigars.

Now, while most people realize the hazards associated with smoking, no one can deny that it's difficult to quit. Second-hand smoke is also a concern.  

This is where the e-cigarette comes in. It eliminates odor and reduces the overall cost.

People who smoke the electronic cigarettes report that it feels very much like the real thing. It looks, feels and tastes like a cigarette and delivers similar smoking pleasures, but it does not contain tobacco, tar or known carcinogens.

How does it work? A microprocessor detects air flow which activates an atomized cartridge that injects tiny liquid droplets into the air, producing a vapor mist which is inhaled by the user. This mist closely resembles smoke and the microprocessor also produces a glowing orange tip to simulate the real thing.

This non-flammable electronic cigarette only requires a small rechargeable battery and safe and replaceable cartridge containing water, propylene glycol (approved by FDA and used in many food products), nicotine and a scent that emulates cigarette flavor.

"People often ask about the safety associated with the e-cigarette cartridges," says Servutas. "We want to assure our customers that all of our refill cartridges go through a strict quality control process to ensure the highest quality."

Each shipment has an official letter attached stating that the e-liquid fluid inside the refill cartridges is tested and does not contain diethylene glycol or other carcinogens found in cartridges from other electronic-cigarette suppliers.

Currently, e-cigarettes are offered in traditional tobacco and menthol flavors and in three different nicotine strengths. They come in two colors: white/tan and black.

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