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Jul 19, 2010, 21:50 ET from C-Rock Productions

DETROIT, July 19 /PRNewswire/ -- The first game by C-Rock Productions is based on an idea created 3 years ago, or just before the iPhone was announced. It was originally conceived as a card game. The iPhone platform is making it possible to realize this vision in a totally unique way.

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Have you ever played 6 degrees of separation?

How do you keep score?

Coming soon from C-Rock Productions

Hollywood Golf

Hollywood Golf is played based on the principles of six degrees of separation and scored like a game of golf.  Six degrees of separation is played by linking 2 actors to each other, using the movies they are cast in with other actors as links. The game is scored like a golf game by representing each link as a stroke.


Hole 1:

Al Pacino & Val Kilmer

Par 4

Answer for Par:

1. "Al Pacino" in" The Devils Advocate" with "Keanu Reeves"

2. "Keanu Reeves" in "Chain Reaction" with "Morgan Freeman"

3. "Morgan Freeman" in "Bruce Almighty" with "Jim Carey"

4. "Jim Carey" in "Batman Forever" with "Val Kilmer"

Answer for the Hole in One:

1. "Al Pacino" in "Heat" with "Val Kilmer"

Each Hole has a max of 6 links (six degrees rules). Hollywood Golf also includes a fully animated miniature golf game that plays out your strokes. Each hole is an animated parody of one of your favorite movies! The full version features 2 full courses of 9 holes. Hollywood Golf has its own built in database which is used to verify your links. Hollywood Golf is in a stream line process with a planned release of August 2010.

About C-Rock Productions: C-Rock Productions is a Detroit Michigan based company that specializes in producing unique games for mobile platforms by working with freelance animators and independent development houses. The company was formed in 2010 and is located in Detroit to take advantage of all the tax breaks that are currently being given to video game production houses that own intellectual property rights. C-Rock Productions works with anyone that has their own unique idea for a simple mobile application. The company works on the principle that you make the first game for us and we will pay you what it costs to make it but we keep the profits. Your second game will cost you nothing and you keep the profits. We work this way in order to teach you how to make your own games.

Strategies and Beliefs:

The first game by C-Rock Productions makes marketing strides to help promote a higher value to iPhone games in general while at the same time helping all independent developers. As you and I know, the App Store Marketplace is full of $.99/$1.99 games that are mostly copies of other games. Our game comes with a price tag of $4.99 with a free version that heavily promotes the paid version. This is a common marketing strategy for a lot of paid apps these days and ours seeks to help make it a standard. Creating a free version helps developers and players. How our game is unique is that it has a fun trivia aspect where correct answers result in the user being able to watch a very artistic cartoon that is based on how they answer. Hollywood Golf is simple and it provides entertainment on both sides. One side has a fun touch interface and the other side features very artistic cartoons. It will be one of the first to support the higher resolution of the iPhone 4. The value of the animations themselves is worth the price of $4.99. Games that just provide gimmicks based on the user interface alone are what are killing this platform. Developers need to start putting more thought into the depth of their games. By helping us make this game a success, you will be helping every developer and player that thinks like us. You will also be helping them make the kind of money they deserve for their unique game ideas.

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