President Obama Cites Miami's St. Thomas University, "Dreamer" Graduate As Example Of The American Dream

Jun 13, 2013, 16:29 ET from St. Thomas University

MIAMI, June 13, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Last Tuesday, President Obama held a White House press conference to alert the nation on the need to fix a broken immigration system, reminding us that we are a nation of immigrants. Joining him in the address was a diverse group representing many walks of life – clergy, law enforcement agents, labor and business leaders, Democrats and Republicans. Among them was an Argentinian-born alumnus from Miami's St. Thomas University (, Diego Sanchez. In his speech, the President used Diego as an example of what could happen to illegal immigrants if given the opportunity to improve their lives.



Diego came with his parents when he was a kid and called America home as he grew up. He made good grades, good friends, stayed out of trouble, yet faced the harsh reality of having to fear deportation since he learned of his illegal status in high school. When he found out that student "dreamers" could emerge from the shadows he signed up and was approved for deferred action. A few weeks ago, he graduated from St. Thomas University (affiliated with the Archdiocese of Miami) and continued joining mobilized Latino organizations that are asking the President to stop deportations of those who could be eligible for naturalization under the proposed reform bill.

Important and complex immigration issues have been brought to light at St. Thomas School of Law symposia and through its Human Rights Institute, directed by Christine Reis, Esq. They include indefinite detention in light of the permissible length of post-removal period detention of deportable aliens, and the conditions of some detention facilities in the United States. "The use of detention has become a tool to secure the U.S. borders and remove undocumented immigrants from the United States," says St. Thomas University President Monsignor Franklyn M. Casale. "International young talent who can contribute to America's scientific, technological and entrepreneurship future should become part of the American fabric and, after studying here, contribute to the nation's economic wellbeing. Referring to our mission of Developing Leaders for Life, we form ethical, competent, and social justice leadership. We are proud of Diego Sanchez for raising the bar and becoming engaged in the burning issue."

Diego, like other "dreamers" and fellow American youngsters, wants to be a positive force in our history. He wants to pursue a career in public policy, getting a Master's and a Juris Doctor degree. He wants to act. He wants to set an example for generations to come.

SOURCE St. Thomas University