Presidential Chia Poll Update (10/15/12): Chia Obama Sales Still Have A Huge Lead Over Chia Romney Sales


Oct 15, 2012, 16:30 ET from Chia

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In the latest Chia Poll results, issued 10/15/12, reflecting the sales of Chia Obama vs. Chia Romney (from 9/17/12-10/13/12), the sales percentages have remained virtually unchanged since the results issued one week ago on 10/8/12:

As of 10/15/12, the percentages are: Chia Obama sales: 62.9% vs. Chia Romney Sales: 36.4%
As of 10/8/12, the results were: Chia Obama sales: 63% vs. Chia Romney Sales: 36.5%
As of 10/1/12, the results were: Chia Obama Sales: 69.6% vs. Chia Romney sales: 29.5%

While the percentage of Chia Obama sales slipped in the period of time that included the first Presidential debate, the sales percentages and Chia Obama's lead over Chia Romney sales has remained virtually the same in the period that includes a few days after the Vice-Presidential debate.

While several of the major political polls show a tightening of the Presidential race to almost a dead heat, with Romney taking the lead in some polls, the Chia Poll results show a stabilizing of the sales percentages with Chia Obama sales still leading Chia Romney sales by a huge margin, 62.9% to 36.4%.

These results reflect sales figures from 9/17/12-10/13/12 reported to Joseph Enterprises from K-mart and online retailers, and according to Joe Pedott, President of Joseph Enterprises.

The start date for the Chia Poll figures was September 17, 2012 since that was the start of the first airing of Joseph Enterprises' TV commercial featuring both Chia Romney and Chia Obama. People can see the commercial online at

Will the Chia Poll results be a better forecaster of the winner than the political polls?

Will political parties buy up a lot of Chias of their choice to try to swing the Chia Poll results in their favor?

"We will keep you posted on a regular basis" says Pedott.

Limited editions of the Chia versions of Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are available at K-mart stores and online at, and

To find out more about Chia Romney and Chia Obama, and to check in periodically to find out the percentages of sales of Chia Obama vs. Chia Romney, contact Peter Georgii at Joseph Enterprises, Inc. in San Francisco by email at