Preview: RELLECIGA Bikini Trends - Hit the Beach This Year and Next

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GUANGZHOU, China, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The 2012 swim season is here, and many people have slipped into RELLECIGA's perfect summer bikinis. This season, RELLECIGA bombs you with the latest trends and fashion advice. This Season, RELLECIGA launches its brand-new design bikini sets, flattering women around the globe.

What's hot this season?

This Season, RELLECIGA brings its new-design triangle bikinis. There is a reason the triangle bikini top and simple full bikini bottom have been in style for so long; they offer simple flattery that does not change with the trends. Appropriate support can lift and shape small breasts and flatter large breasts. It will also prevent any unnecessary embarrassment in your bikini.

RELLECIGA's bikini is quite impressive with its ability to make any woman look curvaceous and beautiful. Even women with small busts will be shining in shape. Why? Low cut tops and extreme low rise bottoms.

RELLECIGA's great determination in design and quality control is no doubt the reason why people are passionate about it. Most RELLECIGA best bikinis contain the following features:

  • Ultra flexible shoulder strap with built-in elastic rubber band
  • Stainless steel pallet underwire
  • Bottom pant provides an antiseptic & germproof facilitate paste
  • 1/2 mild push-up cup
  • High quality side tie with built-in elastic rubber band
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Stepping hardware back closure

What's new next season?

Today, we're helping you round up the 5 hottest trends in RELLECIGA fashion bikinis swimwear next season. We've got great basic bikinis to serve any type of woman which would really make you proud.

RELLECIGA Bikini Trend #1: Prints

All kinds of prints will look amazing on swimsuits. But floral, wild and tribal prints as well as geometrical ones will be hotter than ever in RELLECIGA's bikinis next season. Python, leopard, stripes, zigzags and kaleidoscopic prints can be great options.

It should come as no surprise that printed swimsuits have always been popular. For this season and the next, however, the style takes its cues from the sports-as-fashion street wear trend and sees the print applied to bikini that is more functional then fashionable.

RELLECIGA Bikini Trend #2: Vintage-inspired

Retro is again in fashion. While men don't really find high-wasted bottoms and full-coverage tops very appealing you can wear a vintage-inspired bikini or a one-piece suit to cover your problem areas and feel comfortable in any situation.

Some features of Retro-inspired RELLECIGA wholesale bikinis next year:

  • One-pieces with cinched-in waists, sweetheart necklines and halters
  • High-waist bottoms
  • Playful prints – gingham checks, Hawaiian prints, nautical themes
  • Shirred sides that accentuate the waist and hips
  • Fuller-cupped tops
  • Boy-legged bottoms

RELLECIGA Bikini Trend #3: Ruffled swimsuit

Ruffles have been everywhere on the runway which explains why there are so many of them in swimsuit fashion. Perhaps it's the inspiration of RELLECIGA's vintage swimwear in 2011 and 2012, or it's just the need for women to find a distinct, feminine way for their swimsuits to standout by the pool and at the beach, either way: ruffled bikinis and ruffled swimsuits are one of the RELLECIGA swimwear trends for the coming season.

And the fact that RELLECIGA's ruffled swimwear is an on-trend style at the moment is just about where the rules for the trend end. Unlike vintage swimwear or even one-shouldered bikinis, ruffled swimwear has no distinct style 'rules'. Instead we've seen it styled and cut in a lot of different ways for spring / summer 2011 and 2012, often working alongside other one piece and bikini trends for next year.

Remember, they aren't bad and look sweet, but stay away from them if you want to look slimmer, especially in the hip area.

RELLECIGA Bikini Trend #4: Sequins

If you love sparkling clothes you might be attracted to RELLECIGA's sequin triangle bikini swimwear pieces which will be a hit on the beach this season and next. Sequins will be everywhere, in all colors, complemented with beading, crystals and embroidery.

RELLECIGA Bikini Trend #5: Bandeau & Strap

RELLECIGA bandeau bikinis look amazing on women with small breasts but as soon as someone with fuller bust tries to pull this style off they inevitably fail. Support is not what bandeau top can promise you. This is a hot trend but be wise and think twice before you decide to wear it.

The term string bikini has particular connotations, connotations that carry with them a particular level of sexiness. And 'sexy' is an often desired quality of any bikini. While string bikinis are often on-trend, you can choose a bikini for next season that features the very on-trend 'statement strap'. We call this particular bikini trend strapping and not stringing because it's been created in both string thin and wider cuts.

Your Decision to Make

These are the trends RELLECIGA tells you to wear, but we have to repeat it just once again – you should consider your body type before buying a swimsuit. Think of your proportions and areas you would like to show and cover. Then make your decision.

Be happy with RELLECIGA, and good luck with your bikini buying.

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