PRI® Releases "Studio 360 Teacher Redesign" on iBookstore

Mar 14, 2012, 17:48 ET from Public Radio International

The Multi-Touch book for iPad is the first from public media

MINNEAPOLIS, March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Public Radio International (PRI) announces the release of its first book for the iPad, the "Studio 360 Teacher Redesign" Multi-Touch book, available now on the iBookstore. Using multimedia and interactive components to tell a socially current and visually compelling story about our perceptions of teachers, "Studio 360 Teacher Redesign" provides PRI with the opportunity to engage audiences in new ways with content that brings different perspectives and insights to light.

Inspired by a segment from PRI and WNYC's award-winning arts and culture show, "Studio 360 with Kurt Andersen,"  "Teacher Redesign" offers a stunning, multimedia exploration of a creative initiative to rebrand teachers. Text, photos, audio, video and interactive graphics tell the story of how one teacher's request to revive the stale image of her profession led to a whole new way to look at and think about the role of educators.

For the last five years, "Studio 360" has hired graphic design teams to rethink the images of various things, like the Monopoly board game and Valentine's Day. Last fall teacher Kate Ahearn from Haverhill, Massachusetts, asked "Studio 360" to redesign the image of teachers. "Studio 360" recruited New York design firm Hyperakt, who created new branding for teachers that could be applied to a wide variety of products and messages, from campaigns to recruit teachers, to bathroom signage, to temporary tattoos. The creative process, along with resulting visuals, is documented in the interactive "Studio 360 Teacher Redesign" multi-touch book for the iPad.

PRI's Senior VP of Content and "Studio 360's" Executive in Charge, Melinda Ward, notes that the book "extends PRI's public service mission and offers new perspectives on the current education debate. The book and the rebranding work show that teachers help us connect the dots far beyond the traditional subjects of reading, writing and arithmetic, and we're proud to expand access to this work with our new book."

"Studio 360 Teacher Redesign" is available on the iBookstore on your iPad or go to

The branding and other visuals created for "Studio 360 Teacher Redesign" by Hyperakt are available for public use under a non-commercial Creative Commons license, and can be downloaded at

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