PriceGrabber® Fashion Trends Survey: Seventy Percent of Consumers Aim to be Fashionable on a Budget

What shoppers really think their love interest should wear

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LOS ANGELES, March 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- It may seem obvious that a majority of shopper's value saving money and finding deals in these challenging economic times, but that doesn't mean spending less has to cramp their style. Leading online shopping site PriceGrabber® just released results of its 2013 Fashion Trends Survey, revealing 70 percent of survey respondents said it's important for them to be fashionable and keep up with trends without breaking the bank. Conducted from Feb. 8 to Feb. 20, 2013, the survey includes responses from 3,133 U.S. online shopping consumers. Forty-five percent of respondents were male and 55 percent were female.



Majority of Consumers Shop for Clothing in Stores and Online

When PriceGrabber respondents were asked all the ways they shop for clothing items, 82 percent said they shop in brick-and-mortar stores. This was followed by 57 percent of consumers who cited they shop online from a desktop or laptop computer, 15 percent indicated they order through mail-in catalogs, 10 percent shop online from their tablet, and eight percent shop for clothing from their mobile phone.

"While consumers are interested in being fashionable and staying current with new trends, they are still budget conscience when it comes to purchasing new clothing and accessories." stated Rojeh Avanesian, vice president of marketing and analytics of PriceGrabber. "Our survey data found that a majority of consumers prefer to shop in stores and online for clothing items. This could be indicative of 'showrooming,' where a shopper browses in-stores and then shops online to find the lowest price."

Many Shoppers Spend Less than $200 on Clothing per Month

Thirty-five percent of consumers said they spend on average less than $100 on clothing, shoes and accessories per month. An additional 25 percent said they spend $100 to $200 a month. Eleven percent of consumers spend $200 to $400 a month; 4 percent spend $300 to $400 a month and 25 percent of PriceGrabber respondents do not have a monthly budget for clothing, shoes and accessories.

The Gift of Style

Whether for a birthday, Mother's Day, or during the winter holidays, clothing and fashion items have always been popular gifts. When PriceGrabber respondents were asked which fashion items they are most likely to purchase as a gift, jewelry such as earrings, necklaces and rings topped the list with 52 percent of the vote. Thirty-six percent chose cologne and perfume, followed by 25 percent who selected watches. Other popular gift selections included purses and bags, shoes, outerwear such as jackets and coats, scarves, tops, sportswear and wallets. Formalwear, swimwear, belts and hats were at the bottom of the list with under 10 percent of the vote.

Genders Weigh-in on How Their Significant Other Should Dress

Men and women tend to have very strong opinions when it comes to the clothing choices of their significant others. When PriceGrabber asked men about their preferred fashion and style choices for their love interest, 35 percent said they prefer their significant other to dress casual. This was followed by 13 percent that said they prefer classy; 12 percent said business casual; and 10 percent selected professional. Another 9 percent said trendy; 5 percent noted sporty; 3 percent cited vintage; and 2 percent said preppy. Eleven percent of respondents said their significant other's style did not matter to them.

When women were asked about their preferred fashion and style choices for their significant others, 42 percent said they like their mate to dress casually; 12 percent said they preferred business casual, and 8 percent of women prefer a classy style on their date.  Seven percent of women selected sporty; 6 percent selected professional; another 6 percent cited trendy; 2 percent noted preppy; and another 2 percent selected vintage. Fifteen percent of women said that their significant other's style did not matter to them.

First Date Clothing Preferences for Men and Women

First date impressions can either make or break a relationship. PriceGrabber surveyed consumers to find out how men and women prefer their love interest to dress on a first date. When men were asked how they prefer a love interest dress on a first date, 39 percent said casual/trendy, 21 percent said it does not matter, 15 percent prefer upscale modest (nice dress) and 14 percent would like to see their date in sexy/revealing clothing. Five percent of male consumers said they prefer a woman to wear business casual clothes on the first date, 3 percent said casual/trendy, and another 3 percent selected sporty.

More women on the other hand prefer to see men wear casual clothing on the first date, with 47 percent of the vote. Twenty percent of women said it does not matter to them how a man dresses on a first date, 12 percent selected business casual and another 12 percent cited upscale modest (pant suit). Sporty, professional and sexy/revealing styles were at the bottom of the list all receiving three percent of the vote.

Men Choose Modest Heels for Women; Women Select Loafers for Men

With a huge variety of trendy footwear available for both men and women, PriceGrabber surveyed consumers to find out which types of shoes the opposite sex found most attractive. When men were asked which kinds of shoes are most attractive on a woman, 50 percent selected a modest high heel as their top choice.  Eleven percent of men selected high heel boots; 10 percent said the higher the heels, the better; 9 percent chose sneakers; and 8 percent opted for sandals. Flat boots received 5 percent of the vote, followed by ballet flats with 4 percent and wedges receiving 3 percent.

Women on the other hand seem to like their men in loafers. When women were asked which kinds of shoes are most attractive on a man, loafers came out on top with 30 percent of the vote. Boots came in second place with 22 percent and formal dress shoes came in a close third receiving 20 percent of the vote. Sixteen percent of consumers selected sneakers; 9 percent said none of the survey choices met their criteria; and 3 percent cited sandals.

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