Princeton Corporate Solutions' CEO James Scott Announces Government Marketing Podcast Series

Oct 22, 2013, 08:02 ET from Princeton Corporate Solutions

BOSTON, Oct. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Princeton Corporate Solutions, a 13 year old boutique firm that specializes in all aspects of IPO facilitation and corporate expansion models, is pleased to announce a new series of podcasts that speak to marketing and business development for the federal government market. Adding to a long list of other podcasts discussing highly topical information for today's business leaders; in this series Princeton Corporate Solutions focuses on creating awareness of an alternative strategy for companies seeking methods to add to their top line and create significant value in the short and long term.

In this podcast series, senior leadership James Scott and Mark Allen wanted to take a different approach and speak to the real benefit of pursuing business from the government for developing companies. The value of this strategy is both empirical and speculative as it addresses components of business development as well as marketing and positive perception. And in the eyes of publicly traded companies, both are equally important.

The five podcasts speak directly to these topics:

1.  Why companies should not be ignoring the federal government as a marketplace.
2.  Do's and Don'ts – Components of being highly effective in the federal market.
3.  Accelerating market presence through strategic partnerships.
4.  Taking Teaming to the Next Level – Maximize effectiveness with an aggressive strategy.
5.  Utilizing the government market as a foundation for accelerated corporate growth

Rather than joining the endless barrage of advice and information pertaining to technical aspects of generating business from the government, Princeton Corporate Solutions instead discusses an alternative methodology, particularly for publicly traded companies as well as pre-IPO entities. Without question, sales and profits provide empirical value for companies by adding to the top line, however, these podcasts also talk about how these strategies can create awareness, increase trading volume, and have a positive impact on a company's share price.

Executive Vice President, Mark Allen explained "We have not observed very many small companies that are aware of the value that a government marketing strategy can produce. By exercising some relatively simple methods, companies can realize the positive perception created and how they can generate attention that may drive demand for their stock."

The landscape for emerging businesses and especially publicly traded companies has forever changed thanks to social media and the ability to instantly access limitless amounts of data. On Wall Street, an investor relations campaign can have the same impact on share price as increasing profits. Providing fuel for that campaign will be the most important component to increase investor interest. Rather than talking about a great new product that will be released in twelve months, it would be far more compelling for companies to talk about diversifying markets, adding strategic partners, creating new sales channels, and solidifying strategies for long-term, sustainable revenue. Quite simply, these are the issues that share holders care most about – showing a path for true growth.

This podcast series can be found on the Princeton Corporate Solutions podcast channels on iTunes™ and Sound Cloud™, or by downloading the Princeton Corporate Solutions app by typing "Princeton Corp" into your applicable mobile store.

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Princeton Corporate Solutions specializes in offering a unique approach to ramping up and facilitating corporate development strategies. We focus on such things as growth via mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering facilitation, founder and executive exit strategies, increasing valuation and finding overlooked ways to expedite your company's path to the next level. Our basic approach uses sales and growth strategies we developed over years of working with government contractors, IT firms and cutting edge entrepreneurial leaders.

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Princeton Corporate Solutions was created by a group of strategists spanning multiple countries and years of 'in the trenches' experience in corporate finance, capital structuring, IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. Since 2000, our company's focus has been to develop strategies and revenue building models for the government market. This experience combined with our background in finance and our thorough understanding of how to grow companies over time gives Princeton Corporate Solutions a unique perspective and gives us the ability to offer creative solutions to help virtually any company--public or private--increase its revenue dramatically. For more information, please visit

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