Princeton Corporate Solutions CEO James Scott Introduces Multi-Disciplined iTunes Podcasts Channel

Jul 30, 2013, 08:00 ET from Princeton Corporate Solutions

PHILADELPHIA, July 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Princeton Corporate Solutions, a 12 year old boutique firm specializing in all aspects of IPO facilitation and strategic growth, is introducing a new series of podcasts that provide listeners with firsthand information and industry expertise over a myriad of topics including:

  • The IPO Process
  • M&A Structuring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Technology Initiatives
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Revenue Strategies for the Federal Market

The Princeton Corporate Solutions podcast is meant to educate corporate executives on a variety of issues by using plain language and real experiences of industry professionals. James Scott, CEO of Princeton Corporate Solutions is a six-time bestselling author of two #1 bestselling books; Taking Your Company Public – A Corporate Strategies Manual, and The Book on Mergers and Acquisitions. As an accomplished author, Mr. Scott delivers pin point information on issues that are widely abundant in today's leading industries.

"I am really enjoying translating my expertise into an easily understood platform to help emerging businesses take the necessary steps towards success," said Mr. Scott. "By using well-known portals such as iTunes, we have the ability to reach thousands with a simple click of a button."

Understanding that there are numerous issues plaguing today's leadership, Mr. Scott wanted to create broadcasts that cover an assortment of subjects. In doing so, Mr. Scott has brought in industry leaders from across the nation to comment on their experiences and concerns in areas of importance. These include new initiatives in the technology sector, for example, whereby Princeton Corporate Solutions dives into emerging markets and changes that will affect the way we conduct business.

Joining Mr. Scott on many of these podcasts is his newly appointed Executive Vice President, Mark Allen. Mr. Allen's expertise stems from the government contracting community, where he was instrumental in formulating teaming strategies to accelerate awareness and demand of cutting edge technologies into the federal market. From his experiences, Mr. Allen brings a wealth of information about alliance partners, revenue generation strategies, and government marketing techniques.

These podcasts can be found throughout several popular media channels such as iTunes and SoundCloud as well as through the Princeton Corporate Solutions website.

About Princeton Corporate Solutions

Princeton Corporate Solutions specializes in offering a unique approach to ramping up and facilitating corporate development strategies. We focus on such things as growth via mergers and acquisitions, initial public offering facilitation, founder and executive exit strategies, increasing valuation and finding overlooked ways to expedite your company's path to the next level. Our basic approach uses sales and growth strategies we developed over years of working with government contractors, IT firms and cutting edge entrepreneurial leaders.

What's unique about Princeton Corporate Solutions?
Princeton Corporate Solutions was created by a group of strategists spanning multiple countries and years of 'in the trenches' experience in corporate finance, capital structuring, IPOs and mergers and acquisitions. Since 2000, our company's focus has been to develop strategies and revenue building models for the government market. This experience combined with our background in finance and our thorough understanding of how to grow companies over time gives Princeton Corporate Solutions a unique perspective and gives us the ability to offer creative solutions to help virtually any company--public or private--increase its revenue dramatically.

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