Pristine Agency Reviews the Most Outrageous Travel Complaints

Travel should be a time free of stress but for those who come up with ridiculous complaints like these, it proves there are some people who are just never happy.

Feb 25, 2016, 07:00 ET from Pristine Agency

HENDERSON, Nev., Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Pristine Agency reviews some of the many complaints allegedly made by unhappy tourists. They read more like a script from a comedy show than actual complaints.

A woman wanting to reach the front desk read the sign on the room phone to dial 9 for assistance complained that despite repeated attempts, it didn't work on her cell phone.

A complaint was sent to Disney by someone who wasn't happy that it was so "touristy".

A family waiting in line to board a tour boat complained that it was too hot and there was no air-conditioning.

A group of hairdressing students stayed at a hotel that listed, "No hairdressers at the resort," believed they were treated badly because the hotel didn't like hairdressers.

A family that booked a trip to a water park was disappointed and complained that no one let them know they needed to bring bathing suits or towels.

A family who signed up for a bus ride to their resort, complained they couldn't read their tour books because the road was too bumpy and they missed out on things they might have read about that would have made their trip more rewarding.

A woman traveling in India was unhappy with the food and complained she didn't like curry or spicy food.

An American family found it difficult to sleep in their oceanfront beach house because the ocean was too loud.

A tourist in Cape Town actually asked if someone could do something about the water temperature in the ocean.

And the final outrageous complaint - A women believed she was locked in her room because she accidentally placed the do not disturb sign on the inside of the door and believed she was being held in her room against her will.

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