Pro Athlete Trainer Teams With YouTube to Allow Every Man to Train Like an Athlete

13 Million Worldwide Already Benefiting ... Hundreds More Added Every Day

Oct 14, 2011, 09:00 ET from ATHLEAN-X

NEW YORK, Oct. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- It's the object of desire of the average male according to a leading men's magazine poll that found 59% of men reported wanting the body of a professional athlete more than any other body type.  It's so popular in fact that ESPN the Magazine just recently devoted an entire issue to the "look" in its third annual "body issue".

Well now it's more possible than ever to obtain as professional sports trainer to the stars Jeff Cavaliere has taken his workout methods and nutritional "guy friendly" tactics to YouTube, allowing even the average man the opportunity to undergo the same training that his elite pro athlete clients do, and more importantly, to start achieving the "look" for themselves.

Cavaliere's ATHLEAN-X Training System is featured weekly on his channel on YouTube.  With a base of subscribers well over 60,000 and with over 13 million views of his techniques, Cavaliere has quickly become one of the most viewed and trusted trainers available online.

As the former head physical therapist and assistant strength coach for The New York Mets and one of Men's Fitness Magazine's "Top 50 Trainers" in the United States, Cavaliere truly stands unopposed as an authority for all things health and fitness.  

Through a combination of core ripping exercises, functional movement patterns, and a careful attention to proper biomechanics to minimize injuries, the ATHLEAN-X workouts are getting men from all walks of life to start believing that they truly can look like an athlete ... by training like one.

ABOUT ATHLEANX.COM is a leading global fitness company headquartered in Westport, CT. providing unique workouts for women and men sharing the common goal of creating lean, healthy, athletic bodies via his YouTube workout channel.  As a full service fitness provider, ATHLEAN-X also provides top rated sports supplements, workout apparel and resistance bands.  With an All-Star lineup of pro athlete endorsement, ATHLEAN-X has become one of the industry leaders, and a company capable of leading what Cavaliere calls the "NeXt Generation of Fitness".

Jeff Cavaliere is a renowned professional athlete trainer, former head physical therapist for MLB's New York Mets, the author of the Teen Sports Nutrition Blueprint and a Men's Fitness Magazine writer.  

Media Contact: Jeff Cavaliere (888-428-4532)