Pro-athletes' sleep tracker helps senior citizens live independently.

After a successful breakthrough among pro-athletes, Emfit has added safety related features to its contact-free, heart-rate-variability enabled sleep tracker. Emfit now launches Safebed, a contact-free and all-automatic safety and wellness tracker for seniors.

Jan 04, 2016, 12:00 ET from Emfit

HELSINKI, Jan. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- CES, Las Vegas – Sands, health & wellness, booth #73526 -- Safebed is an ingenious health and wellness tracker designed with seniors' additional safety needs in mind. It improves the safety of seniors and helps maintain their independence, enabling them to live on their own for a longer time. There's absolutely nothing to wear or carry, and no need to turn equipment on and off  – Safebed is completely discrete and undetectable. A highly durable sensor is simply installed under mattress and paired with Wi-Fi. Safebed tracks sleep quality and quantity, heart and breathing rates, and even heart rate variability. Changes in long-term trends can give very valuable information about health and wellness.

Safebed also brings safety in one other way; loved ones can receive a daily summary and notifications as a push-notification via a Safebed phone application or via email – for example, if a daily sleep routine changes a considerably or if there is too long of an absence from bed at night. With Safebed, a senior citizen can easily track personal wellness and ensure better safety. Seniors can live longer by themselves, in their own homes, and family members won't need to worry about whether everything is okay.

Heikki Raisanen, CEO and Co-Founder of Emfit, about an incident from just a few days back: "I received a notification from Safebed on my phone telling me that my 89-year old mother, who lives 3 hours away, had possibly fallen down. It was 25 minutes past mid-night. She had already been sleeping but then left and had not returned to bed in 45 minutes. I called my brother and told him to go check on our mother. Turns out, she had fallen, broken her hip, and needed medical help. She had surgery and now she is recovering. Safebed truly provides safety to elderly living alone. Because, after all, who wouldn't want to live in their own home as long as possible, instead of being institutionalized. We at Emfit want to make it possible. This is our way of thanking our mothers and fathers for taking loving care of us. Now it's our time to return the favour."

About Emfit Ltd.: Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Finland, Emfit is the world's leading manufacturer of tonic-clonic seizure monitors for people with epilepsy, and heart beat detection based bed occupancy monitors for elder care. The company develops and manufacturers whole products with focus in health tech. Emfit is also global leader in quasi-piezoelectric ferroelectret sensors and material for various industries, including paper machinery, sports equipment, music instruments, touch-sensitive human interfaces, smart building solutions etc.  Find out more at