Problem Solved for Dog and Garden Lovers; a new British Innovation!

Aug 20, 2013, 15:36 ET from Maface Solutions Ltd

LEDBURY, England, August 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Gadget hungry consumers have embraced new technologies for just about every aspect of daily life and yet the most primitive of tools and methods are commonly used for clearing dog and stray animal waste from the garden. This is a place to lounge, dine, grow food, and a place where children play! This next generation pooper scooper, with 'Scoop-Flush' technology makes a nasty job easier and keeps the garden clean too.

The dooup Complete Pet Waste Clearer features 5 in 1 functionality that covers, clears, sprays, stores and seals the waste away. Dog owners across the globe can now benefit from contactless and hygienic clearance for the garden, encouraging them to train their dogs to 'go' in their own home environments where clearance can be managed more efficiently.

The dooup CPWC can be left outside, in all types of weather, and used daily to clear, clean and store, thus saving bags and time. Simply leave in, or behind the shed (away from children) and use to clear in seconds.

The usual pooper scoopers comprise of a grab or scoop device, and though some can be loaded with a bag first, none can claim to store around a weeks' worth of waste and none can offer an 'in-built' sanitising feature. Brand dooup represents 'a paw forward in pet hygiene.'

The dooup's patented 'Scoop-Flush' technology works to prevent the spread of some of the 23 million bacteria that is contained in dog waste. Helping to prevent Canine Parvo Virus between dogs, reducing the chances of passing toxicara from dog and cat waste to humans, and overall, reducing the spread of residue waste into storm drains and the surrounding environment, The dooup is a much awaited tool for the garden.

Inventor of The dooup CPWC and Managing Director of Maface Solutions Ltd, Stuart Kirby says:

'I couldn't believe that 15 years on from owning our family dog as a youngster, people were using the exact same cumbersome methods to clear animal waste from gardens. Using the garden shovel or the hand in the bag method is extremely unpleasant, not to mention ineffective, and yet children are doing handstands exactly where dogs frequently deposit their doo.'

Marketing Director, Helen Morris explains:

'It's clear that none of the various scoops and grabbers on the market were working to encourage people to move away from the garden shovel or plastic bag, after all, consumers consider these things free. Now they have a reason to spend money on a pooper scooper, one that is a convenient garden tool that they will use every day, for years, and saves them time, bags and most importantly, keeps the home environment more hygienic.

Maface Solutions Ltd is primarily managed by brother and sister team, Stuart Kirby and Helen Morris. Brand dooup has the potential to lead in pet hygiene, since this is currently an undeveloped area within the pet industry. Further dooup products and accessories are in development, including an 'on the go' device for clearing dog waste.

As well as their innovative approach to providing better products, the company have been noted for their refreshing customer service which has been wowing customers so far!

To see the dooup in action, view the How it Works video here

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