Productivity Expert and Author of Getting Things Done® David Allen® Goes Global with SMCOV

Nov 29, 2012, 12:55 ET from SMCOV

DALLAS, Nov. 29, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- David Allen, the pioneer of the modern productivity movement and the author of the seminal business book Getting Things Done®, announced today a partnership with SMCOV that will help the David Allen Company bring his productivity coaching to an international audience.  Founded by co-CEO's Stephan Mardyks and David Covey, SMCOV is a leader in global training distribution.

Through the partnership, SMCOV will distribute Allen's world-class Intellectual Property (IP) based on his international best-sellerGetting Things Done® (GTD®) to the global business community. Getting Things Done® is the product of 30 years of studying productivity and training millions of people to achieve greater performance in their daily lives.  Allen's philosophies, which have been wildly popular among the business and technology industries in the U.S., give people the tools to help alleviate the feeling of overwhelm, instilling focus, and clarity while providing for a system of stress-free productivity.

"Mastering the art of work is a lifelong endeavor, involving increasing levels of proficiency, subtlety and complexity," Allen said, "How we manage focus; how we stay in control; how we make the best decisions--all have multiple layers of implications in our lives and businesses.  An underlying ability to handle all of these aspects of productive engagement, no matter how fast and dramatically the world is changing around us, is sorely needed and sought after by millions of people."

"We are incredibly excited about the international launch of David Allen's newest IP, the Mastering Workflow Series, the world's top productivity training program, made to improve both individual and organizational results," said Mardyks.

This new series is based on the methodology described in Allen's best-selling book, Getting Things Done: the Art of Stress-Free Productivity. This book provides proven tools, tips and strategies that help people focus their energies into a logical and trusted system, thereby increasing personal organization, efficiency and creativity.

"All participants in this new training will have access to universally proven best practices as well as a wide range of integrated services and products that are continuously being enhanced and expanded," said Covey.

"It is wonderful to partner with the SMCOV team, who bring to the game unparalleled experience and resources in this arena," Allen said, "They save us tons of energy, allowing us to focus on what we do best and to leverage it on a much broader scale."