Professional Payday Loans Online Introduction Service announces details of its new professional payday loans online introduction service aimed at individuals from all walks of life in employment for at least 3 months. The service is free to use and quick to complete.

Feb 26, 2013, 09:00 ET from

TALLAHASSEE, Florida, February 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- sheds light on the growing popularity of searching for payday loans online by people with good credit backgrounds. Although mistakenly considered by some to be the vestige of individuals with poor financial health, the site reports that a growing number of professional applicants are coming to the site and choosing to apply for a payday loan online instead of using their credit card or bank overdraft for stop-gap borrowing until their next payday.

As to the reasons for the trend, commented on some explanatory factors within an official statement released to the press.

"The last few years of double-dip recession have hit everyone hard and in the same place - their wallet. Individuals with jobs within what is considered to be a professional field are no different. In many of their cases, wages have been frozen or they have had to accept pay cuts. This means that, just like everyone else, even those individuals have trouble making the month sometimes and need a little extra cash to cover their expenses for a few weeks until payday. A payday loan online is a great solution as it is confidential and fast. Approved consumers can get their hands on a cash advance in less than 24 hours by using our application system and review process which allows them to be considered by hundreds of top lenders online."

The criteria for applying to to be considered by its network of lenders for the loan require the following: candidates must reside within eligible U.S states, be over 18 years old, receive over $1,000 in wages after tax each month, have a valid bank checking account and are currently employed for at least the last 3 consecutive months.

Using the framework to apply to and compare online cash advance possibilities is attractive to consumers in full-time and demanding employment as it is quick and easy. The site's online application form can be completed within 2 minutes and can lead to instant results. Any companies able to offer pay day loans on can be displayed and reviewed ready for acceptance if the applicant wishes to take an offer.

Sam Malka