Professionals can Take Advantage of a Winter Uptick in Lending with ACBL

Small business lending was stronger than expected in January, leading many to seek out customized and effective loans from Advantage Capital Business Loans.

Mar 17, 2014, 20:03 ET from Advantage Capital Business Loans

LOS ANGELES, March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- This past winter has been unusually long and harsh, but the need for small business loans has continued to grow in the early months of 2014. Though it may not be time to awake from hibernation and greet the spring just yet, the small and medium-sized businesses at the heart of the economy are already showing vital signs of life. Professionals who are looking to position their companies for success this spring can do so with the innovative lending from Advantage Capital Business Loans. With the simple, easy and fast business loans from ACBL, any business goals can be achieved before the ice begins to thaw.

The sub-zero chill and record snowfall that kept students home from school through much of the winter was also expected to hurt economic growth. However, in spite of the brutal weather, demand spiked 9.7% in January for lending and financing among small companies, according to the Direct Capital Small Business Lending Index. The news is undoubtedly heartening for small business professionals that have struggled with receiving necessary lending from traditional financiers – and an indicator that there has never been a better time to receive a customized loan from ACBL.

"Small businesses are perseverant people," asserts Stephen Lankler, senior vice president of Direct Capital. "Despite what people describe as a tepid small business economy, more small businesses are taking out loans." Yet, as usual when it comes to small business lending, not all the news is positive. Inc. reports that The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index dropped 2.7 points last month to 91.4 – well below the pre-recession average of 100. The drop speaks to the continuing reluctance of large banks and traditional lenders to lend to small business professionals. However, the team at ACBL provides effective financing to ambitious small business managers that need them most.

The innovative loans from ACBL are simple, quick and easy to get approved. At most banks, the underwriting process involves putting the vast majority of weight on a business' personal credit, value of collateral debt to income ratio and overall profitability – all of which tends to favor large, multinational companies with little perceived risk. Yet, the underwriters at ACBL value a business' efficiency and potential first and foremost. That means that promising small business managers, CEOs and entrepreneurs that need them most can receive the funding they need to survive and, ultimately, to thrive.

The climate for small businesses might be more comfortable than the climate outdoors, but there are still a number of challenges they face in today's competitive marketplace. Fortunately, with Advantage Capital Business Loans, entrepreneurs can grow their companies with fair, manageable, and custom-made loans. You can contact Advantage Capital Business Loans for a free quote at (877) 379-0202, or online at

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