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Jul 17, 2015, 13:31 ET from ProfNet

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  • 50th Anniversary of Medicare
  • Tips to Manage Acid Reflux at Summer Cookouts
  • Pros and Cons of House Calls Via Skype Chat
  • Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Mental Illness Often Intertwined
  • People With Developmental Disabilities Are Important Members of Society
  • Dentistry and Facial Renaissance
  • Finding the Time to Stay Fit


  • Weekly Reporter – Sun Chronicle (MA)
  • Writer – The Cooperator (NY)
  • Sports Writer – Grants Pass Daily Courier (OR)


  • Ways Journalists Can Use Reddit
  • How to Get the Most of a Writers Conference
  • Radio Boston's Meghna Chakrabarti on the Art of Listening



50th Anniversary of Medicare
Mark Norrell
Indiana University School of Public & Environmental Affairs
In light of the approaching 50th anniversary of Medicare, Norrell says: "Since Congress passed Medicare half a century ago, the program now seems to understand its market power -- and obligation -- in protecting the health of 55 million senior citizens under its trust. Generally, seniors are quite satisfied with their Medicare, and any attempts to curtail benefits or increase seniors' cost sharing are met with loud objection. Some progressives believe that Medicare, or a similar program, should be expanded to cover all Americans. While most other countries employ such 'single payer' systems, it is unlikely that our current entrenched interests will allow for such radical reform in our lifetimes."
Contact: Agata Porter,

Tips to Manage Acid Reflux at Summer Cookouts
Dr. Jamie Koufman
Founder and Director
The Voice Institute of New York
Dr. Koufman offers these tips to manage acid reflux at summer cookouts: "Don't overeat, especially high-fat items like hot dogs and hamburgers. Cut out soft drinks and drink water. If you must drink alcohol, remember reasonable limits. Make sure you stay up at least four hours after last eating."
Dr. Koufman is the founder and director of The Voice Institute of New York, one of the premier voice treatment centers, helping people with voice disorders and diseases of the larynx (voice box) and throat; and The Koufman Reflux Center of New York a leader in the field of acid reflux, especially silent (airway) reflux. She is a national expert on reflux and its impact on health, sleep and wellbeing. She is the author of two New York Times bestsellers: "Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook" and "Cure and the Chronic Cough Enigma." She has been named one of "America's Top Doctors" every year since 1994. She is a go-to media expert source, appearing on "Good Morning America" and "Dr. Oz," and in The New York Times and other major media.
Contact: Mark Goldman,

Pros and Cons of House Calls Via Skype Chat
Dr. Elaina George
Host, "Medicine On Call"
The same forces that have made instant messaging and video calls part of daily life for many Americans are now shaking up basic medical care. Health systems and insurers are rushing to offer video consultations for routine ailments, convinced they will save money and relieve pressure on overextended primary care systems in cities and rural areas alike. Says Dr. George: "Virtual medicine cannot replace the foundation of examining the patient. Under-treating a medical problem may cost the patient more with a late diagnosis or a missed diagnosis. For example, failing to treat a dental infection can be a problem, since they can rapidly progress to an airway emergency if under-treated or if the patient gets an ineffective antibiotic. They will become an ENT emergency due to an airway obstruction. One has to wonder what role the accountable care organizations play, since hospitals are jumping on the bandwagon. The more they treat patients remotely, the more money they can keep at the end of the year in their ACOs to share in the profits among their members."
Based in Atlanta, Dr. George is a board-certified otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in biology; received her master's degree in medical microbiology from Long Island University; and received her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. She completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye Ear & Throat Hospital, and is on the advisory council of Project 21 black leadership network, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research. She also hosts her own radio show, "Medicine On Call," and is a keynote speaker for many organizations.
Contact: Ryan McCormick,

Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Mental Illness Often Intertwined
Nancy Owens Hess
Executive Director
Elizabeth Stone House
"While domestic violence, homelessness, and mental illness are often treated as separate issues in this country, we have found they are often related. Whether someone is dealing with one or more of these issues, society must be prepared to help through emergency shelters, transitional housing, and working with individuals and families to keep them safe at home."
The Elizabeth Stone House serves homeless and at-risk families and individuals in a goal-oriented, outcome-driven service environment by resolving the issues that made them homeless -- domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental illness -- so they can attain and maintain permanent housing, personal safety, and economic stability. Owens Hess is available to discuss domestic violence, mental illness, substance abuse, safe shelter, safety planning, case management, parenting classes, and support groups.
Contact: David Thomson,

People With Developmental Disabilities Are Important Members of Society
Jerry McCarthy
Northeast Arc
"People often underestimate how much someone with developmental disabilities can do. Having seen firsthand the progress people with disabilities have made in the last four decades as opportunities have opened up to them, I know that the programs designed to provide education and employment are making a difference. Whether someone is diagnosed with autism or countless other disabilities, they can still be active, productive members of society."
Northeast Arc was created in the 1950s by parents of children with disabilities who rejected the assumption that their children should be institutionalized. Now the fourth largest Arc in the country, serving over 7,000 people annually in more than 150 Massachusetts cities and towns, the Northeast Arc is dedicated to helping people with disabilities become full participants in the community, choosing for themselves how to live, learn, work, socialize and play. McCarthy is available to discuss Autism services, day habilitation, deaf services, early intervention, employment services, family support, personal care assistance, recreation, and residential and transition services.
Contact: David Thomson,

Dentistry and Facial Renaissance
Dr. Frank DiMauro
"A master dentist understands how the teeth, lips and muscles of the face interact to create a beautiful smile. Understanding facial anatomy is where a dentist's training has an advantage in facial aesthetics."
As a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine), Dr. DiMauro can discuss how the decisions of today will affect your facial aesthetics in the future, specifically in relation to function and longevity. He is an expert on dentistry, smile makeovers, lip augmentation, Botox and fillers, and laser treatments for the face.
Contact: David Thomson,

Finding the Time to Stay Fit
Juperi Johnson
Content Writer
"After a busy week, working out is probably the very last thing you want to do in the morning. That's why the best thing you can possibly do for your body is to rise early and get it done before the day starts. You see, most things in life aren't equal, but we all get the same 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The explosion of video on the Internet has made it quite easy to find workout videos to do in the comfort of your own home and fitness tutorials to add to your family's workout plan. After all, if you wake up with determination, you'll go to bed with satisfaction!"
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