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May 17, 2013, 15:43 ET from ProfNet

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  • Mighty Casey Turning 125
  • Father's Day Shopping


  • Editor – Santa Fe Reporter (NM)
  • Enterprising Reporter - The Madison-St. Clair Record (IL)
  • Contributors – GALO Magazine (NY)


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  • Caterpillar Career Consultants Spreads its Wings in Times Square
  • Grammar Hammer: Shall We Dance?



Mighty Casey Turning 125
Dan Anderson
Visiting Professor of English
Dominican University in River Forest, Ill
"America's pastime -- the designated hitter, steroids, and a few other intrusions notwithstanding -- has remained relatively unchanged. The imagery of the poem -- the brawny batsman, the hated umpire, the unruly crowd -- resonates just as strongly today as it did in 1888."
Anderson is available to discuss the lasting appeal of Ernest Lawrence Thayer's soon-to-be 125-year-old classic poem, "Casey at the Bat," first published on June 3, 1888 in the San Francisco Examiner. According to Anderson, whose research focuses on baseball and modernism in American literature, despite a few iambs of archaic language, the scene it sets translates into modernity quite well.
After earning his bachelor's in journalism from Northwestern University, Anderson worked as a newspaper sportswriter and editor before returning to school for his master's and Ph.D. in English, from Boston College and University of Minnesota, respectively.  He has published on the formation and cultural importance of the Negro League and is a former keynote presenter at the Annual Baseball in Literature and Culture Conference.
Media Contact: Dan Armstrong,

Father's Day Shopping
Lesley Kennedy
Senior Managing Editor
"If you can save money finding a discounted gift card online and pair that with a heart-felt card, a home-cooked meal or a simple phone call to say, 'Thanks, Dad'? Best. Child. Ever."
Kennedy is available to speak to survey results that indicate what dads really want and how much he would like his loved ones to spend on a gift for Father's Day. She can also talk about the best ways to save money when shopping for Father's Day gifts. Kennedy has contributed regularly to national sites and publications, including NBC Universal's, Meredith Publishing's MORE magazine and, AOL/Huffington Post's StyleList and ParentDish, Dr. Oz's and others. In addition to serving as AOL ParentDish's news editor, she also served as the deputy features editor and fashion editor at the Rocky Mountain News. She is located in Denver.
Media Contact: Kimberly Waterhouse,



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