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Nov 25, 2013, 13:30 ET from ProfNet

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  • Finding the Key to Work-Life Balance
  • Tips for Branding Your Small Business
  • Obamacare Website Security Issues
  • Overtime Emails Can Be Evidence


  • Reporter – Law360 (CA)
  • Political Reporter – The Journal Times (WI)
  • Editor – amNewYork (NY)


  • Media Coverage of JFK's Assassination in 1963
  • New York Women in Communications: Blogging 101
  • New York Women in Communications: Social Media Branding for Your Job and Yourself


Finding the Key to Work-Life Balance
Ben Allen
Founder and President
Allen Technology Advising
According toa recent survey many CEOs are struggling to achieve work-life balance, largely because they have a problem delegating. With this in mind, Allen prepared his agency to operate efficiently in his absence and headed overseas to become a "skill-anthropist" for communities that could benefit from his knowledge and generosity. While most business owners seek work-life balance in order to take vacations or have more leisure time, he struggled with how to take time away from his company to fulfill a different calling -- he wanted to move his family to Africa and help those in need. While he was away, his company had its most profitable month in history -- and a hospital in Tanzania got a serious tech upgrade. Says Allen: "A good leader knows how to delegate. When you have a successful company, the team will delegate for you. The best thing I could've done for my business was leave it. People say to build up the business so that you can leave it. I did and it worked out well for everyone."
Allen is available to share his inspirational story of how work-life balance can be achieved in order to pursue more fulfilling goals in life. He credits much of his success to strategic planning, and has several actionable tips that small-business owners of all types can take to set themselves on the path to working on their companies instead of working in their companies.
Media Contact: Jason Myers, or +1-412-580-1812

Tips for Branding Your Small Business
Daniel Hanners
Brand Consultant and Graphic Design Instructor
The Illinois Institute of Art – Schaumburg
McDonald's golden arches, Target's bull's eye and Starbucks' mermaid are all instantly recognizable symbols for their brands that have impressive retail impact. But more than just a name and logo, your brand includes everything from printed materials to your customer's experience. Says Hanners, "All of these things work together to shape the perception of the brand and assist in your client's ability to place value on the quality of products and services you provide."
Hanners is available to offer tips for branding your small business, including research, logo development, the use of social media and websites, community involvement, and social responsibility. He  can also speak to the following: packaging, sustainable design, promotions, event planning, advertising, design thinking, problem solving through design, and the need for graphic designers. He has 18 years of experience in the design industry.
Media Contact: Mandy Wilson, or +1-412-918-5544

Obamacare Website Security Issues
Rose Romero
Thompson & Knight in Dallas
"Concerns are growing that the website has security flaws that could put consumers' personal information at risk. In recent congressional hearings, experts said the complexities of the government-run site may create opportunities for identity theft and fraud, and compromise the security and privacy of personal data. What's still unclear is whether federal regulations that mandate the protection of personal health information, and impose hefty penalties for violations, will apply to the new health insurance exchanges. Of course, even if the federal rules don't apply, a breach of Social Security numbers, birth dates and financial information may trigger other state and federal consumer notification laws. The logistics of alerting victims that their personal information has been compromised also can be costly and time-consuming."
Media Contact: Barry Pound, or +1-800-559-4534

Overtime Emails Can Be Evidence
Mark Shank
Employment Attorney
Gruber Hurst Johansen Hail Shank in Dallas
"Emails and other forms of electronic communication are becoming important evidence for hourly workers suing employers for overtime violations. Non-exempt workers who can document responses to work-related emails outside of their scheduled shifts have a better chance of success in these claims. In a 24/7 work environment, after-hours email exchanges that are accepted – if not expected – behavior can create real problems for companies.  An email curfew banning work-related messages for hourly employees after a certain time of day is one option to guard against overtime lawsuits. A curfew is something to consider, but that's a policy that both managers and employees must consistently follow to be valid. It's increasingly important for businesses to properly classify workers, keep accurate records and set proper expectations."
Media Contact: Barry Pound, or +1-800-559-4534



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