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Nov 04, 2013, 18:08 ET from ProfNet

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  • China's Growth Bubble Is About to Burst
  • Value-Add Multifamily Deals Are the Darling of Commercial Real Estate
  • Crypto Locker: Crippling Computers Nationwide


  • Senior Copy Editor – The Hollywood Reporter (CA)
  • Reporter – Daily Leader (MS)
  • Assistant Editor – Hudson Valley Reporter (NY)


  • Media 411: Struggling Newspapers Sell off Old Headquarters
  • Blog Notes: Food & Lifestyle, Marketing and Makeup Blogs
  • Grammar Hammer: Into the Great Wide Open


China's Growth Bubble Is About to Burst
Junheng Li
Equality Analyst and Founder
JL Warren Capital
"China has succeeded based on a single economic mode, that of mass production of low-value manufacturing products using abundant and cheap labor, massive capital investments and endless economies of scale. But that growth model is no longer effective. The country's changing demographics make this system increasingly unsustainable, as China's aging population and rising wage costs eat away at the abundant supply of cheap labor."
Li was raised in Shanghai, graduated from Middlebury College summa cum laude and Columbia Business School with honors. She questions the sustainability of China's growth trajectory and anticipates a sharp deceleration in GDP growth, a view contrary to many of her Wall Street peers. She is the author of "Tiger Woman on Wall Street."
Media Contact: Ann Pryor,

Value-Add Multifamily Deals Are the Darling of Commercial Real Estate
Barbara J. Gaffen
Prime Property Investors
"Multifamily is continuing its recent streak as the hottest sector in commercial real estate, with value-add plays being the sweet spot. Today, with financing sources opening up, investors and developers are building on the multifamily momentum with an increasing number of value-add plays, and they do not see these deals slowing down anytime soon. Value-add properties are attractive because of their strong return on investment. There also are more value-add buys to choose from today than in the past. And, with so many brand new high-end developments going up, projects that are 10-15 years old are often considered bargains as they can be updated to compete with many of today's newest buildings, yet at a fraction of the cost of building brand new. One of the keys to making a 'value add' deal work is a successful financing strategy. As we are all aware, when the economy got bad, the only lenders were Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but that's changed in the last couple years. Today, banks and insurance companies are financing loans again."
Gaffen is available to discuss trends in multifamily investment, finance and development -- including making the most of value-add multifamily property investments -- as well as student housing investment and trends. Prime Property Investors (PPI) is a real estate investment firm with a national portfolio of Class A suburban garden-style apartment and upscale mid-rise rental communities, as well as student housing properties on major college campuses. PPI's portfolio currently totals $209 million in properties across the country.
Media Contact: Kim Manning,

Crypto Locker: Crippling Computers Nationwide
Anthony Mongeluzo
CEO & President
"The Crypto Locker virus is not a hoax -- it's a bona fide threat. It's a virus that literally holds your computer information hostage, unless you pay a ransom. The ransom can be hundreds of dollars, and if you don't pay within 100 hours, the crooks will trash all of your data."
Mongeluzo is available to discuss how consumer can avoid falling prey to the Crypto Locker virus. He will share tips on what to do *before* the virus strikes and what remedies are available if you're a victim.
Media Contact: Tom Peric, 



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