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Apr 29, 2013, 19:23 ET from ProfNet

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  • Information Security for Cyberattacks
  • Economic Impact of Terrorism
  • Bill Could Increase Trade Secret Litigation
  • Corporate Cyberthreats on the Rise


  • Reporter – The Sentinel-Echo (KY)
  • Business Reporter – Central New York Business Journal (NY)
  • Editorial Page Editor – Aiken Standard (SC)


  • Vulnerabilities in Social Media: The AP Twitter Hack and How They Recovered
  • The Q&A Team: The Interpretation of 'Off the Record'
  • Grammar Hammer: I Assure You, It's Easy to Ensure and Important to Insure



Information Security for Cyberattacks
Tom Eston
Profiling and Penetration Team Manager
"Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate, and if organizations don't become proactive in assessing threats and putting controls in place with the help of security experts, then they will remain at risk."
Eston, who has expertise in all areas of information security, is available to specifically comment on recent hacking of social networks. SecureState is one of the only information security firms that offers a complete scan of social media as it relates to your company. Eston oversees the team that conducts social media scans and all other aspects of ethical hacking. The methodology allows SecureState experts to examine popular, as well as obscure, online databases and social networks in order to detect exactly what is exposed on the Internet about any organizations. In addition, the company manually assesses conversations about organizations found on social media sites to determine security risks. The methodology used removes many of the false positives and non-related information about companies. In addition, the company also works with clients to secure their social media accounts.
Media Contact: Anthony Hardman,

Economic Impact of Terrorism
Daniel M. Perkins
Daniel M. Perkins, RIA, LLC
"The goal of terrorism against the United States is not just body count. While we in the U.S. tend to focus on the number of dead and injured, terrorists look toward their actions by assessing the impact their attack has had on the economy of a city, state or nation. Looking at last week's attacks on Boston, the leadership of the city reacted to the bombings by mandating that citizens stay inside their homes, halting local commerce for the day. So while all felt the loss of life and mass injury, what was overlooked was the economic loss faced by the city of Boston surrounding the aftermath of this tragedy -- an estimated $250 million. Essentially, terror brought the economy of Boston to a standstill. This begs the question, were the Boston terrorists successful? Americans didn't realize or understand that the attack on Sept. 11 was more about bringing down the American economy than bringing down buildings. The attack in Boston is a perfect example of how with two pressure cookers, Boston has been changed forever."
Perkins, a registered investment advisor with over 40 years of experience in investing internationally, has also published a book on terrorism titled, "The Brotherhood of the Red Nile, A Terrorist Perspective." Perkins' money management experience, coupled with his knowledge on terrorism and the economic vulnerabilities of the U.S., makes him uniquely positioned to discuss the economic impact of terrorist attacks, as well as the mindset of terrorists. He is based in Florida.
Expert Contact:

Bill Could Increase Trade Secret Litigation
Joe Ahmad
Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing P.C.
"Pending legislation that would apply the Uniform Trade Secrets Act to Texas could result in an uptick in trade secret litigation. Sponsored by State Sen. John Carona, Senate Bill 953 includes a provision requiring that any alleged trade secrets disclosed during the course of litigation be kept confidential. Under current law, many companies choose *not* to pursue a trade secret lawsuit out of concern that whatever secrets they're trying to keep might become public. Knowing that the UTSA places a cone of confidentiality over their trade secrets, or at least what they claim are trade secrets, gives companies the peace of mind they might need to go ahead and file suit without fear that they'll risk disclosure of the very information they're trying to keep secret."
Media Contact: Mary Flood,

Corporate Cyberthreats on the Rise
Rose Romero
Attorney and Former Regional Director of the SEC
Thompson & Knight in Dallas
"The risk of corporate cybersecurity breaches continues to grow, despite greater awareness of the dangers and improved information sharing about threats. Even the federal government is not immune, as shown by the Pentagon's disclosure of a massive data leak that included defense documents and more than 500,000 emails regarding the cases of Guantanamo Bay detainees. Unfortunately, the likelihood of a data breach is less a question of 'if' and more a question of 'when.' Public companies are required to meet high standards of reporting and notification about these incidents. It's more critical than ever for corporate managers to understand these regulations, make the investment to limit such attacks, and follow plans for disclosure when a breach occurs."
Media Contact: Barry Pound,



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