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  • Resources for Looking Beyond Hardcore Fans of a TV Series
  • Governor Cuomo Signs Uniform Adult Guardianship Act Into Law
  • Things Caregivers Can Do to Help Themselves While Helping a Loved One
  • Links Between Obesity and Cancer
  • DIY Projects and Crafting on a Budget
  • Holiday Retail – Popular Movies, Innovation Driving Greater Interest in Girls' Toys


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  • Reporter – Daily Leader (MS)
  • Director of Online Content Products – PR Newswire (NJ)


  • Media 411: Struggling Newspapers Sell off Old Headquarters
  • Blog Notes: Food & Lifestyle, Marketing and Makeup Blogs
  • Grammar Hammer: Into the Great Wide Open


Resources for Looking Beyond Hardcore Fans of a TV Series
Vincent Balusseau
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Audencia Nantes School of Management in France
A lot has been said about how fans of an existing TV series (from "Glee" to "True Blood") use the additional content produced by networks or cable channel to get more from their experience. But what about newcomers to a (new) TV show? Transmedia extensions and social TV initiatives have been presented by experts as a new solution to create and nurture loyalty, hence helping to maintain TV ratings. Empirical research conducted on new TV series audiences such as Showtime's "Master of Sex" tries to answer the questions. Says Balusseau: "At a time when 70 percent of new TV series fail to capture and maintain strong enough audiences to make it to a second season, new research shows how not-yet addicted consumers use extra resources to immerse themselves in a new TV serial fictional universe."
Balusseau is available to discuss transmedia extensions, social TV and companion apps which allow consumers to engage beyond solely viewing television shows.
Contact: Andrew Taylor,

Governor Cuomo Signs Uniform Adult Guardianship Act Into Law
Ronald Fatoullah, Esq.
Ronald Fatoullah & Associates
"I am proud to report that Governor Cuomo has signed the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act (UAGPPJA) into law. This law will now make 'granny snatching' cases in New York a difficult challenge. The UAGPPJA provides a set of uniform rules that address jurisdiction and related issues in adult guardianship cases, when multiple states are involved. Under the Constitution currently, guardianship cases of one state are not recognized by another. This results in multiple states claiming jurisdiction of the same matter, making 'granny snatching' cases burdensome, difficult and costly for all parties involved. The goal of the UAGPPJA is to have only one state with jurisdiction of a matter at any one time. Thus far, 38 states including New York have enacted the UAGPPJA."    
Fatoullah has been advising clients about the legal and financial challenges of aging for more than 30 years. He has an eight-year inclusion as one of the New York area's "Best Lawyers," in the fields of elder law and trusts and estates, and is highly recognized for his expertise and contributions in the fields of elder law and estate planning.
Media Contact: Carol Schell, 

Things Caregivers Can Do to Help Themselves While Helping a Loved One
Anthony Cirillo, FACHE
Fast Forward Consulting
"40 percent of Americans, mostly women, are caregivers to an elder, spouse or child. Studies have shown they often suffer worse health than the one they are caring for and boomer suicide rates are rising because of the caregiver crisis. I'll show you how to turn caregiving from a burden to an opportunity."
Cirillo is a healthcare and aging expert and president of Fast Forward Consulting, he consults with physician practices, hospitals and long-term care facilities around strategic marketing and patient experience. He is the author of "Who Moved My Dentures?" which debunks myths about aging and long-term care. He is active in boomer and senior issues and serves as the assisted living expert for He has a Masters from Wharton in Organizational Dynamics.
In addition to numerous radio and TV appearances, he has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, CBS Interactive, Business Journal publications, Charlotte Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Diego Union Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Information Week and more.
Expert Contact:

Links Between Obesity and Cancer
Karen Basen-Engquist, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Director of the Center for Energy Balance in Cancer Prevention and Survivorship
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
"The increasing toll of Americans' largely sedentary lifestyle and its links to cancer is just beginning to be understood. But we have evidence that going from being completely sedentary to just a little bit active is where we'll see the most benefit in cancer survivors and, probably, in the general population as well. This is important because it's a 'do-able' thing for most people. It is crucial to identify the interventions that are most likely to help people adopt healthier changes, no matter how small."
Dr. Basen-Engquist is available to comment on research presented at the American Institute for Cancer Research annual conference on food, nutrition, physical activity and cancer, as well as on a wide range of topics related to obesity and cancer. She is a professor in the Department of Behavioral Science at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. A psychologist by training, she is internationally recognized for her research on improving the quality of life for cancer survivors by developing and testing health behavior interventions to improve survivors' physical function and health outcomes. She recently completed a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-funded study investigating the mechanisms of exercise adoption and maintenance in endometrial cancer survivors. She's a co-leader of Project LEAP, a new clinical trial at MD Anderson evaluating the use of metformin, a diabetes drug, to prevent endometrial cancer in high-risk individuals. She also co-directs the Patient-Reported Outcomes, Population, and Survey Research (PROSPR) Shared Resource, a NCI-supported shared resource that assists investigators who are conducting research involving patient-reported outcome, behavioral, and psychosocial data. Her research includes: how exercise and diet affect cancer survivors' symptoms, biomarkers of cancer prognosis and overall health; helping cancer survivors adopt more physically active lifestyles; and designing innovative mobile technology methods of measuring and changing health behaviors in cancer survivors and healthy individuals.
Media Contact: Lindsay Kurs, 

DIY Projects and Crafting on a Budget
Cindy Springer
Bottle Your Brand
"With Maker Faires popping up across the country and sites like Instructables and Pinterest gaining followers by the day, it's safe to say we're experiencing something of a DIY revolution. Our culture is shifting, and more and more people are deciding to create and customize their own projects instead of simply buying premade products. The Internet (and gifted crafters) can make any DIY project look like a breeze, but if you've ever tried to replicate something you saw on Pinterest, you know it's not always easy -- or cheap. But with the right mindset, a good mentor and a few helpful tips, anyone can become a DIY master."
Springer is available to share her insight on creating DIY projects on a budget. She is a business partner of Bottle Your Brand, and e-commerce website specializing in custom stickers, personalized labels, wine labels, water bottle labels, beer labels, private label bottled water, bumper stickers and custom invitation cards. Having more than 10 years in the industry has given her invaluable insight and experience into the world of DIY. She's an expert on party hosting, wedding planning and even fundraising on a budget.
Media Contact: Alayna 

Holiday Retail – Popular Movies, Innovation Driving Greater Interest in Girls' Toys
Janet Wagner
Associate Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Excellence in Service
University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business
"Girls' toys are selling better than toys for boys. Look for this trend to continue through the holiday season. Innovation is driving some of the demand for girls' toys. Nerf Rebelle, a foam dart blaster toy is marketed specifically to girls, who are showing more interest in archery – a skill demonstrated by female characters in movies such as 'Brave' and 'The Hunger Games.' As for boys, interest in licensed character-based toys is motivated through movies and video games, such as 'Skylanders' and 'Infinity,' they can play on tablets on mobile devices."
Wagner, a "Reviewer of the Year" for the Journal of Consumer Research, is an expert on service marketing management with a focus on how service firms build relationships with their customers.  
Media Contact: Greg Muraski,



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