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Jun 06, 2014, 16:25 ET from ProfNet

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  • Rep. Tim Murphy's Mental Health Bill to Pass Before the Next Shooting
  • Working While on Vacation? Time to Reconsider
  • What to Do When the Kids Leave the Nest
  • Enforcing Divorce Court Orders Can Be Tricky


  • Finance Reporter - Crain's Cleveland Business (OH)
  • Food Writer - The Seattle Times (WA)
  • Community Journalist - (NY)


  • How HuffPo Creates Value With Communities
  • Tips for Writing an About Page When You Hate Writing About Yourself
  • The Q&A Team: Anna Renault on Sharing Her Experiences Through Podcasts


Rep. Tim Murphy's Mental Health Bill to Pass Before the Next Shooting
Dr. Jonathan Jackson
Adelphi University, Garden City, NY.
"The most revealing Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation Poll result was that mental health professionals put more faith in law enforcement than their own skills in preventing gun violence. They want do their part, but they need help from the legal system. Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) is trying to use the legal system to bring about change. I understand he wants to pass a law that will strengthen the ability of parents of adult children who are disturbed and potentially violent, to bring these adults to mental health professionals for possible treatment, and that is good. Still, there are many problems unaddressed and many erroneous assumptions behind these kinds of efforts."
Dr. Jackson is the director of the Center for Psychological Services and director of clinical training at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies for Adelphi University. He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and certificates in psychoanalysis and cognitive behavior therapy. The Center for Psychological Services, which he leads, offers a range of specialized treatment programs for children, adolescents, and adults.
Media Contact: Kali Chan,

Working While on Vacation? Time to Reconsider
Joffrey Suprina
Dean of the College of Behavioral Sciences
Argosy University
"With studies showing that more than 23 percent of Americans taking no vacation at all and more than half admitting to working even when they do take one, work is taking a toll on our physical and mental health. A well-placed vacation can help break the cycle of workplace-related stress. Effectively managing work while you are out of the office can be key to reaping the benefits of time away."
Suprina is available to speak about the importance of time away from work and offer advice on how to manage work in advance of the trip so that time spent away from the office offers the chance to recharge.
Media Contact: Anne Dean,

What to Do When the Kids Leave the Nest
Dr. Jim Wasner
Illinois School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University, Schaumburg
"Sending your child off to college or out into the working world can be a painful experience for many parents. Knowing what to expect emotionally and how to cope with it can make all the difference when your little ones leave the proverbial nest. Recognizing that what you are going through is normal, learning to let go in some ways and create a new relationship with your child, focusing on moving forward in your own life and relationship with your spouse and recognizing that you will always be important in your child's life are all important steps a parent can take in dealing with the sense of loss they may be feeling."
Wasner is available to speak about "Empty Nest Syndrome" and how parents can cope with the life changes it brings for them.
Media Contact: Anne Dean,  

Enforcing Divorce Court Orders Can Be Tricky
Jeffrey O. Anderson
Family Law Attorney
McCurley Orsinger McCurley Nelson & Downing, L.L.P. in Dallas
"Once a divorce is final, ex-spouses often have to deal with the sticky business of making sure they each comply with court orders regarding custody, child support, property division and other elements included in the divorce decree. Because someone who violates a court order could be held in contempt and face potential jail time, motions for enforcement are considered quasi-criminal and must meet a high standard of evidence. When it comes to enforcing court orders, the key word is specificity. So if your ex is consistently late paying child support, you need to keep careful records regarding what was owed and when, and what was actually paid, if anything, and when. You can't just tell the court, 'My ex is always late with child support.' The same holds true when it comes to returning your child from a visit or delivering property the court has ordered to be turned over."
Media Contact: Amy Hunt,



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