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  • Smartphone Health Apps Give FDA a Headache 
  • Trends in Bridal Accessories 
  • Estate Wars: Feuding Over the Family Fortune 
  • Celebrities Put Spotlight on 'Aha' Moments This Week 
  • First Post-Divorce Summer Often Difficult 
  • National Fishing and Boating Week (June 1-9) Ends Soon


  • News Reporter – San Mateo Daily (CA) 
  • Real Estate Reporter – Richmond BizSense (VA) 
  • Multimedia Journalist - WFIU/WTIU News Bureau (IN)


  • #ConnectChat Recap: Intro to DIY Mobile Journalism 
  • Grammar Hammer: And the Winner Is (dot-dot-dot)… 
  • I Want Media: The Future of Media 2013 


Smartphone Health Apps Give FDA a Headache
Maura Kolb
The Lanier Law Firm in Houston
"The growing relationship between smartphones and medical technology is making the U.S. Food and Drug Administration nervous. One smartphone app, uChek, which allows users to check levels of blood, protein and other substances by reading urine test strips, is the FDA's first target in seeking to set boundaries in the growing niche. The uChek app relies on test strips made by Siemens and Bayer. Those strips are approved only for visual reading and would require additional clearance for automated analysis, the FDA said in its letter to uChek. The FDA is smart to step into this relationship now, while casual in the U.S., to provide necessary guidance to help keep the public safe. But as these types of smart apps are developed, they will likely attract the attention of Big Pharma and medical device manufacturers, who have shown time and time again that hiding information from the FDA is something they are capable of and willing to do."
News Contact: Alan Bentrup, 

Trends in Bridal Accessories
Erica Sewell
Fashion Instructor
The Art Institute of New York City
"Every bride wants to stand out on her wedding day while still staying on point with the current trends. Headpieces are one way for brides to inject some personality into their look, and brides are trading in traditional veils in lieu of headbands, fascinators, blushers and, for the daring brides, hats. Other accessories to consider are vintage jewelry worn in new or unexpected ways, anything-goes shoes and feathers."
Sewell is available to speak about trends in bridal accessories -- from the classic to the avant-garde --  that will help any bride achieve a one-of-a-kind look on her wedding day. Other topics include fashion design, retail, trend, African design, black design, New York art and design education, creative careers and fashion recruiting.
Media Contact: Mandy Wilson, 

Estate Wars: Feuding Over the Family Fortune
Ronald Fatoullah, Esq.
Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney
Ronald Fatoullah & Associates
Conflicts over inheritance are often the final straw that tears a family apart. Whether an estate is small or large, there are steps that can be taken to avert a family feud. Fatoullah has seen and counseled many families pulled apart by infighting over the family fortune. He is the founder and managing attorney of Ronald Fatoullah & Associates, a New York law firm that exclusively focuses on the legal and financial challenges of aging: elder law, estate planning, Medicaid eligibility, asset preservation, probate, wills, trusts, guardianships, veteran planning, and planning for same-sex couples.
Media Contact: Carol Schell, 

Celebrities Put Spotlight on 'Aha' Moments This Week -- How to Harness Them
Donna Hartney, Ph.D.
Entertainment headlines this week put a spotlight on those "aha" moments we often refer to as "epiphanies." Lindsay Lohan's father was quoted as saying, "'She's had an epiphany!" after visiting his daughter in rehab. Brad Pitt commented on one that he said caused him to change his lifestyle radically. Donna Hartney, America's top expert on life-changing "aha" moments says epiphanies aren't just for celebrities and that it is possible proactively to prime oneself for them: "Our conventional wisdom tells us that life-transforming 'aha' moments are experiences over which we have no control, the products of fate, luck or chance. My research over the past decade has shown that our conventional wisdom is wrong. It is possible proactively to prime ourselves for those flashes of clarity that can profoundly change our lives once and forever."
Hartney is the author of "The AHA! Handbook: How to Spark the Insights That Will Transform Your Life and Career" and the creator of xSAIL Coaching, a unique coaching methodology that teaches clients how to prime themselves for life-changing realizations. She is a performance consultant to leaders and professionals at multinational companies, helping them devise and implement strategies to bring out the best in themselves and their people.
Expert Contact: 

First Post-Divorce Summer Often Difficult
Amber Liddell Alwais
Family Law Attorney
McCurley Orsinger McCurley Nelson & Downing L.L.P. in San Antonio
"For the newly divorced parent, summertime presents special challenges. Although some of the rules that apply during school are still in effect, others aren't. Newly divorced parents should read their possession order carefully before making too many assumptions about their summer. Generally, the non-primary parent should get 30 days of uninterrupted visitation, but that parent should still get the first, third and fifth weekend of the other months. The typical Thursday night visitation, however, probably doesn't apply. Also, many families have treasured summertime traditions, such as trips over Independence Day or Labor Day, that may not be covered in the standard possession order. But you're not stuck with the standard possession order. If there are days that are important to you, tell your lawyer and get them negotiated into your possession order."
News Contact: Amy Hunt, 

National Fishing and Boating Week (June 1-9) Ends Soon
Frank Peterson
President and CEO
Recreational & Boating Fishing Foundation
"According to a 2013 nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Take Me Fishing, 81 percent of Americans plan to stay at home for all or some of this summer's vacation. During National Fishing and Boating Week (NFBW), families should transform their summer stay-cations into bay-cations, turning time off work into time on their nearest lake, river, stream or coastline. Nearly everyone is within an hour of a place to fish and boat, making affordable family activities that are perfect for spending time together, connecting with the outdoors and just relaxing very accessible. Whether it's for an afternoon or longer, you'll create memories that last a lifetime."
Peterson can speak to the following: conservation; economic impact of NFBW and the industry at large; fishing and boating among different generations; industry and consumer trends and outlook. You can watch him on ESPN's "Mike&Mike":
Media Contact: Randee Ulsh, 


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