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May 20, 2013, 17:35 ET from ProfNet

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  • High-Skill Labor Market
  • Keeping Up With Demand for On-the-Go Wi-Fi
  • Wage-and-Hour Claims Continue to Rise


  • Lifestyle Editor – Good Housekeeping (NY)
  • Education Reporter – The Garden City Telegraph (KS)
  • Editor – Alaska Magazine


  • How Authors Can Protect Themselves from Lies and Scams
  • Grammar Hammer: Stop! Graduation Time!
  • Blog Notes: Content Marketing, Antiquities & Real Estate



High-Skill Labor Market
Robert Atkinson
Information Technology and Innovation Foundation
Atkinson is available to discuss a new report, "The Real Story on Guestworkers in the High-Skill U.S. Labor Market," which presents a detailed point-by-point rebuttal of the findings of a recent Economic Policy Institute report that claims to show that there is no STEM worker shortage: "The EPI analysis suffers from a number of major flaws, including the misinterpretation of education data, selective review of a few poorly performing IT occupations, and a misreading of the operation of the IT labor market. Our report attempts to create a clearer picture of the high-skill labor market and the policy reforms that are required to address the significant innovation policy issues facing our nation."
Atkinson is the author of "Innovation Economics: The Race for Global Advantage," published by Yale University Press. He is based in Washington, D.C.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: William Dube,

Keeping up With Demand for On-the-Go Wi-Fi
Robert Miller
Attorney and Law Firm Telecommunications Practice Chair
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP in Dallas
"In an effort to meet customer demand for affordable and reliable Wi-Fi access, the hospitality industry has turned to the Federal Communications Commission for help. Measures currently being explored by the FCC would expand the amount of spectrum available for hotels, restaurants and airlines, because whether it is for business or pleasure, people expect easy Internet access when they are out and about. Businesses that can't provide this capability for free are left at a competitive disadvantage. Unfortunately, there hasn't been enough spectrum available to accommodate this demand, so the costs of such access in large facilities remains high. To help alleviate the shortage, the FCC has proposed opening up more space on the airwaves to meet the growth of Wi-Fi usage. With this increased capacity, data speeds would be increased, congestion would be reduced and, most importantly, costs for access would go down."
Media Contact: Rhonda Reddick,

Wage-and-Hour Claims Continue to Rise
Mark Shank
Gruber Hurst Johansen Hail Shank LLP in Dallas
"The number of wage-and-hour lawsuits filed against employers has increased for the fifth year in a row, according to the Federal Judicial Center. These claims typically are brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act and involve salaried employees who believe they are owed overtime pay, or hourly workers who contend they weren't paid for all the hours they worked. A fundamental problem for employers is that the FLSA, which was adopted in the 1930s, doesn't fit today's world of cellphones, PDAs, email and telecommuting. This virtual workplace makes it much more difficult for employers and employees to comply with the strict letter of the law, so it's not surprising that the number of claims continues to rise. The problems are most prevalent for startup companies, which may be more tech-oriented and less mindful of compliance issues."
Media Contact: Barry Pound, 



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