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Nov 01, 2013, 13:39 ET from ProfNet

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  • Crypto Locker: Crippling Computers Nationwide
  • Holiday Relationship Stress
  • November is National Caregivers Month
  • Care Partners Are Essential to Finding Cures: National Family Caregivers
  • Halloween Candy: Kids and Obesity


  • Hurricane Sandy – One Year Later (continuation)


  • Technology Reporter – Investor's Business Daily (CA)
  • Reporter – The News Herald (OH)
  • Weekend News Editor – NBCUniversal (NJ)


  • Q&A Team: Lessons Learned by Media Professionals
  • How Journalists and Bloggers Can Learn From Each Other
  • What to Do When You Get Scooped on a Story


Crypto Locker: Crippling Computers Nationwide
Anthony Mongeluzo
CEO & President
"The Crypto Locker virus is not a hoax -- it's a bona fide threat. It's a virus that literally holds your computer information hostage, unless you pay a ransom. The ransom can be hundreds of dollars, and if you don't pay within 100 hours, the crooks will trash all of your data."
Mongeluzo is available to discuss how consumer can avoid falling prey to the Crypto Locker virus. He will share tips on what to do *before* the virus strikes and what remedies are available if you're a victim.
Media Contact: Tom Peric,

Holiday Relationship Stress
Dr. Antoinette DeLuca
DeLuca Psychological PC
"With stores readily gearing up for the festive season, now is the perfect time to work on insulating your relationship from the various challenges that can arise at holiday time. Whether you are newly married, engaged, in a committed relationship, dating or single, there are things you can do now to maintain a happy union throughout the most wonderful time of year.
Dr. DeLuca is available to comment on this topic and others. She recently wrote an article titled, "Navigating the Holidays -- 'It's Complicated!'" which discusses ways to holiday-proof your relationship status.
Website: or
Expert Contact:

November is National Caregivers Month
Anthony Cirillo, FACHE
Fast Forward Consulting
"Caregiving is becoming a national crisis on many levels. Unpaid family caregivers suffer both financial hardships and health problems. The number of people who need care will grow as the population ages, and that is accompanied by a shrinking number of family caregivers. Companies also suffer from stressed caregivers who try to balance family and work. Long-term care and the caregiver issues are the elephants in the room of Obamacare that no one is addressing."
Cirillo is a healthcare and aging expert and president of Fast Forward Consulting. He consults with physician practices, hospitals and long-term care facilities around strategic marketing and patient experience. He is the author of "Who Moved My Dentures?" which debunks myths about aging and long-term care. He is active in boomer and senior issues and serves as the assisted living expert for He has a master's degree from Wharton in organizational dynamics. In addition to numerous radio and TV appearances, he has been cited in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, U.S. News & World Report, CBS Interactive, Business Journal publications, Charlotte Observer, Philadelphia Inquirer, San Diego Union Tribune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Information Week and more.
Expert Contact:


Care Partners Are Essential to Finding Cures: National Family Caregivers Month
Veronica Todaro, M.P.H.
Vice President, National Programs
Parkinson's Disease Foundation
"We know that care partners play an important part in helping their loved ones to manage Parkinson's disease. But they also have an essential role in advancing research to find a cure. A care partner's intimate first-hand experience with the disease gives him or her unique insights that are valuable to the development of new therapies. The care partners who are active with PDF's Parkinson's Advocates in Research program have found ways to share their insights with researchers on the front lines. During November's National Family Caregivers Month, we encourage care partners to recognize the impact that they can have not only on care, but also on the path to a cure."
Todaro is available for interviews, as are care partners who volunteer with PDF's Parkinson's Advocates in Research program.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Melissa Barry,

Halloween Candy: Kids and Obesity
Franklin Antoian
"According to the CDC, nearly 13 million children in America are obese and at risk for heart damage, adolescent diabetes and other avoidable diseases. Don't blame the Halloween candy, though. Let them enjoy their candy today. The American College of Sports Medicine simply recommends one hour of physical activity, five days per week, for children. Sports, running and biking all count towards daily physical activity."
Antoian is available to discuss whether Halloween candy will make you gain weight, as well as what you can do with the leftovers.
Expert Contact:

EXPERT ROUNDUP: Hurricane Sandy – One Year Later (continuation)


Following are additional experts to our Hurricane Sandy expert roundup. To view the original roundup, click here:


Hurricane Sandy – One Year Later
Christine Messina
Executive Vice President
allRisk Property Damage Experts
"Have you prepared for the next Sandy? The one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy is Oct. 29 (in New Jersey). It caused 117 deaths and billions of dollars in damage (the second costliest in U.S. history). A great deal of information about disaster planning and response has occurred. While we know more, today, what are the specific steps that individuals, first responders and communities can take to prevent or minimize a future disaster?"
Messina has more than 10 years of experience in disaster planning and recovery, working with state officials, institutions, businesses and homeowners. Her company was active in restoring a variety of sites at the New Jersey shore after Hurricane Sandy. 
Media Contact: Tom Peric,

Sandyversary: Battery Back-up in the Wake of Extreme Weather
Paul Dailey 
Product and Technical Sales Manager
AEE Solar
"Having a battery backup system for your home is a bit like carrying a spare tire for your car -- you hope you never need it, but it can be a life saver when you do. We heard from a lot of folks after Sandy who were very glad they had a solar-powered backup system and a lot more who wished they had one." 
Dailey is available to discuss how solar battery backup systems can securely maintain power and improve grid stability during natural disasters like Sandy. 
Media Contact: Carlie 



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