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May 30, 2014, 13:30 ET from ProfNet

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  • Benefits of Mentorship in Today's Aging Society
  • 'Fed up' Movie Should Wake up Americans About Their Sugar Intake
  • Belmont Stakes and The Triple Crown
  • Preventing Calf Muscle Pump Failure
  • The Shortage of Hospital Beds in Healthcare Facilities
  • Maya Angelou's Commitment to the Written Word
  • How He Can Counteract Endocrine Disruptor Chemical (EDC) Reactions for Fertility
  • Did NFL Encourage Prescription Drug Abuse?


  • Finance Reporter - Crain's Cleveland Business (OH)
  • Food Writer - The Seattle Times (WA)
  • Community Journalist - (NY)


  • ASJA 2014: Recapping the Recaps
  • Media 411: Journalists Using Instagram
  • How Authors Get Scammed


Benefits of Mentorship in Today's Aging Society
Lauren Moulton-Beaudry
Director of Ethics and Education
Front Porch 
"Mentorship is crucial to any organization trying to align its goals with the professional development of its staff. Everyone, regardless of job title, can benefit from impactful mentorship. We are very focused on whole person well-being. Being a mentor means fostering dedicated team members who embrace our mission of meeting needs. Instilling practices that create collaboration, inspire creativity and empower new leaders within Front Porch is vital to helping meet needs as today's aging society continues to evolve."
Moulton-Beaudry is the director of ethics and education at Front Porch, a not-for-profit "human serving" organization featuring innovative communities and programs that meet the changing needs of individuals as they age. Her work with Front Porch includes leading service excellence through Front Porch University/5-STAR College and heading the Front Porch Ethics Board and Regional Committees. Earlier this month, she received the honor of being named "Outstanding Mentor of the Year" by LeadingAge California, which represents more than 400 nonprofit providers of senior living and care who serve the needs of more than 100,000 Californians.
Media Contact: Chris Navalta,

'Fed up' Movie Should Wake up Americans About Their Sugar Intake
Dr. James Surrell
Colon/Rectal Surgeon
American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons/American College of Surgeons
With the opening of the movie "Fed up," it's time for America to wake up and see a film that will show exactly what the food industry does not want you to know. Says Dr. Surrell: "Our tragically unhealthy consumption of 150 pounds of sugar per person per year must stop because sugar is a major factor in the obesity and Type 2 diabetes epidemic in the United States."
Dr. Surrell is a board certified colon and rectal surgeon who has performed more than 1,000 major abdominal surgeries and 20,000 colonoscopies. He also holds fellowship status in the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons. He focuses his practice on nutrition and weight loss. He is recognized as one of our nation's leading medical authorities who has helped thousands of people easily lose weight and dramatically improve their health by cutting sugar consumption. He is the author of "SOS (Stop Only Sugar) Diet" -- a bestseller with over 20,000 in print.
Media Contact: Scott Lorenz,

Belmont Stakes and The Triple Crown
Kenny McPeek
Horse Trainer, Founder and CEO
McPeek Racing Stable
World-class horse trainer Kenny McPeek is hesitant to say California Chrome will be horse racing's next Triple Crown winner in over 30 years. Says McPeek: "Since Affirmed won in 1978, the use of Lasix has been available to horses in racing and no horse has won the Triple Crown since that time." Lasix is a veterinarian administered race-day medication that works as a diuretic, making horses lighter before their race. "I think it will be difficult for California Chrome to beat the competition when running on Lasix for three consecutive races in a short period of time."
McPeek has been training Thoroughbred racehorses since 1985. As founder and CEO, he manages McPeek Racing Stable which currently has 130 horses in training. He has won over 155 stakes races, including the Grade 1 Belmont and Travers Stakes and has more than 1,350 winners earning more than $60 million in purses. As a vocal advocate of horse racing, he wants to encourage a new generation of racing enthusiasts, thus he has developed a mobile application for iOS and Android called Horse Races Now. Horse Races Now allows users to watch live horse racing and race replays from over 50 tracks in North America. He is available for interview by phone or in-studio through the June 7 Belmont Stakes race. He is currently training horses in Lexington, Churchill Downs and at Belmont Park in New York.
Media Contact: Scott Lorenz,

Preventing Calf Muscle Pump Failure
Kenneth McLeod
Professor of Systems Science/Entrepreneur in Residence
Binghamton University "The soleus muscle in the calf of your leg (often called the "second heart") serves to pump blood back to your heart, and so just as your cardiac muscle can fail, the soleus muscles in your legs can fail. When they fail, numerous complications arise, one of which is your blood pressure drops." This creates a chronic low blood pressure condition called hypotension which is linked to many of the common chronic diseases associated with aging. McLeod's lab has developed technology that serves to enhance second heart activity. "Just like you put a pace maker into a person to prevent them from having a heart attack, in the same way, we can pace the second heart."
With a focus on understanding physiologic systems as complex systems, McLeod looks for innovative ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat chronic conditions that represent major challenges in modern health care, including pain management, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis and chronic heart failure. He has developed numerous technologies that have been commercialized for the treatment of pain, and to assist in the healing and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. Website:;;
Media Contact: Ryan Yarosh,

The Shortage of Hospital Beds in Healthcare Facilities
Craig B. Garner
Health Care Attorney
Garner Health Law Corporation
"According to estimates by the American Hospital Association, the U.S. offers approximately 920,829 hospital beds for its nearly 318 million inhabitants. Data from the association suggests that our health care system is still 1,431,000 beds shy of meeting the burden of Hill-Burton (averaging approximately 2.89 beds per 1,000 people today). To make matters worse, the recent closings of several community hospitals across the country, such as Palm Drive Hospital in Sonoma County, Calif. or Hayward Park Hospital in Hayward County, Tenn., may have added even more distance to the 1946 goal. Of course, the citizens of Sebastopol, Calif., and Brownville, Tenn., are certain to be more concerned over the recent loss of local beds than the meeting of a half-century old federal quota."
Garner is an attorney and CEO of Garner Health, LLC, a health care consulting firm focusing on industry management in the current climate of reform. He is a member of the Business Law Committee for Health Care Law for the California Bar Association and is vice chair of the American Health Lawyers Association education committee. As the former CEO of a community hospital for nine years, he was responsible for the day-to-day operations, including oversight of the acute care hospital and its 400 employees, while at the same time having his finger on the pulse of the issues facing individuals, businesses and health care providers. His unique background provides a solid foundation for understanding and interpreting the issues coming out of the federal courts and Washington, D.C., including the landmark 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He is an adjunct faculty member at Pepperdine University School of Law, where he is teaching Health Care Law Reform. He is the author of "Hospital Stay: Health Care Made Simple" and as the former CEO of a community hospital in Los Angeles County, he has a unique perspective from both sides of the healthcare conversation.
ProfNet Profile:
Media Contact: Maureen O Crean,

Maya Angelou's Commitment to the Written Word
Jacqueline Jones LaMon
Associate Professor
Adelphi University, Garden City, N.Y.
"If we define art as the ability to touch another human heart, then Dr. Maya Angelou lived her entire life as an artist. One of the first writers that I encountered as a youngster, her conviction to writing the truth of her life was an early inspiration and example to me of what literary bravery could do. I am deeply grateful for her commitment to the written word."
LaMon is the author of two collections, "Last Seen," a Felix Pollak Poetry Prize selection, and "Gravity, U.S.A.," recipient of the Quercus Review Press Poetry Series Book Award; and the novel, "In the Arms of One Who Loves Me." She is also an associate professor at Adelphi University, Garden City, NY. Her work has appeared in a wide variety of publications such as Ninth Letter, Mythium, Bellevue Literary Review, Callaloo, and Crab Orchard Review. Noted by the NAACP in the category of Outstanding Literature, Poetry, she is the recipient of a host of honors for her commitment to university teaching, her social and literary criticism, as well as for her creative work.
Media Contact: Kali Chan,

How He Can Counteract Endocrine Disruptor Chemical (EDC) Reactions for Fertility
Dr. Michael J. Heard, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
Reproductive Endocrinologist and Infertility Specialist
"EDCs are found in the environment that we come in contact with and they are essentially unavoidable. It was shown in the study with researchers from Germany and Denmark that EDCs affect sperm motility and hormones that may influence sperm penetration of the egg. The EDCs specifically affect Ca transport through the plasma cell membrane."
Dr. Heard, M.D., F.A.C.O.G., reproductive endocrinologist and infertility specialist and advocate for Proxeed Plus is available for interview to address the recent study discussing the effects EDC's can have on sperm health. He can provide insightful tips on what men can do to counteract the unavoidable side effects, such as simple lifestyle and dietary changes and talking with a doctor about taking a male fertility supplement to help support sperm health.
Media Contact: Danielle Maiello,

Did NFL Encourage Prescription Drug Abuse?
Eugene R. "Gene" Egdorf
The Lanier Law Firm in Houston
"More than 500 former professional football players have joined a lawsuit charging that the NFL pressured them to take painkillers and sleep medication without prescriptions to speed up injured players' return to the playing field. Such overreliance on narcotics and other addictive medication left players with serious addiction problems and physical complications after their careers ended, according to the lawsuit. This new litigation comes as no real surprise considering the NFL's long-standing, total disregard for the well-being of past and current players. It's time for the NFL to take full responsibility for the safety and health care of its past, present and future players." Egdorf is a certified contract adviser for the NFL Players Association and represents NFL players who have been seriously injured during their pro careers.
Media Contact: Robert Tharp,



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