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  • Pickup Lines and Dating Advice
  • NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement
  • Tips for National Crime Prevention Month and Halloween Safety
  • Dying Without a Will in New York
  • Health Insurance Law, Mental Health Parity and Eating Disorders



  • Give Yourself a Performance Review. Really!
  • NLGJA: Lessons Learned from the Boston Marathon Attacks
  • NLGJA: Covering the Big Story


Pickup Lines and Dating Advice
Michal "Mehow" Powers
Pickup Artist/Romance Rescuer
Mehow Inc.
"Conventional wisdom, when it comes to dating, rarely works. What does work is counter intuitive and rarely taught. I have dedicated nearly a decade of my life to answering the fundamental questions behind dating and what drives men and women in their respective choice of partner. My research has made me a leading figure in the mainstream dating community and led directly to two nationally published books and a Yahoo! Web series in which I help women create better love lives."
Mehow is available as a relationship and dating expert. As the host and creator of Yahoo!'s "The Girl's Game" and author of "How to Talk to Hot Women" and "How to Talk to Hot Men" (out this fall), he has more than eight years of pickup experience and expertise under his belt. He has put women in control of their romantic lives by giving them helpful, creative and unique tips to getting the guy of their dreams. The series gives women an insight into how men think and how to draw out their inner go-getter. With videos like "How to Use Sexual Innuendo" and "How to Avoid a Disaster Date," the series has advice that nearly every woman can use.
Before Mehow worked with women, he was dedicated to helping men find their inner pickup artist. In his book he provides nine steps to becoming a seduction master, including how to approach, date and close with hot women. With more than 5,000 copies sold in less than six weeks, his book has been a vital resource in helping men everywhere step up their game.
Media Contact: Lisa Bustamante,

NFL Concussion Lawsuit Settlement
Eldon L. Ham
Sports Attorney/Professor
IIT Chicago-Kent 
"The NFL concussion settlement seems like a win for the NFL because the settlement pool is a manageable number at $765 million, and the NFL will no longer face a thorough probing into documents and testimony that protracted discovery would entail. But there are good points for the players, too. Even though they may receive an average of $140,000 or so per player, or even much less depending on allocated legal fees and how many players make claims, they do eliminate the risk of losing altogether, a meaningful risk because they faced many obstacles of proof about causation and liability, depending on what the NFL knew and when. There are still open issues: how to fairly divide the settlement among somewhere between potentially 4,500 and 18,000 players; what to do about continuing claims by players who opt out of the settlement; and what to do about future possible claims not covered by the settlement at all. Future solutions will require a collectively bargained approach with union approval, perhaps including the possibility of an ongoing pool of funds for injured claimants to be disbursed almost like a grand workers compensation formula."
Expert Contact: Eldon L. Ham,
Media Contact: Gwendolyn E. Osborne,

Tips for National Crime Prevention Month and Halloween Safety
Robert Siciliano
National Security Expert/CEO
"October is National Crime Prevention Month. It's the perfect time to brush up on crime prevention and spread the awareness of important issues such as creating safer communities. Homeowners can take security precautions in protecting their families and property this month, especially around Halloween, by following simple tips and learning strong safety guidelines."
Siciliano, a committed home security expert with 20 years of experience, is available to discuss best practices for how Americans can protect their homes and families by staying constantly connected through installing simple yet strong security systems, as well as getting on board the burgeoning home automation trend.
Media Contact: Aimee Nicholls,

Dying Without a Will in New York
Ronald Fatoullah, Esq.
New York Elder Law & Estate Planning Attorney
Ronald Fatoullah & Associates
"Having a will is always recommended. In addition to having a will in hand, the process of working with an attorney and sorting through how assets are to be distributed after death always gives a person peace of mind."
Ronald Fatoullah is a certified elder law and estate planning attorney in New York. He is the founder of Ronald Fatoullah & Associates, a New York and Long Island based law firm concentrating exclusively in the areas of aging, elder law, estate planning, Medicaid eligibility, special needs planning, preparation if wills & trusts, probate, estate mediation guardianships, planning for veteran's and same sex-couples.
Media Contact: Carol Schell,

Health Insurance Law, Mental Health Parity and Eating Disorders
Lisa S. Kantor, Esq.
Founding Partner
Kantor & Kantor, LLP
"I believe that insurance companies must be held accountable for the mental health parity violations that they inflict on their members. As long as insurers continue to deny benefits that their insured members are entitled to, I will advocate daily, so that my clients have access to the benefits and life-saving treatments they need and deserve."
Kantor, an authority on health insurance law and mental health parity, represents people denied health benefits for treatment of both physical and mental illnesses. Most recently, Ms. Kantor has focused her efforts litigating insurance company denials of coverage for residential treatment of eating disorders. Kantor & Kantor is the only law firm in the country with a distinct eating disorder practice staffed with lawyers and other professionals experienced in the specific needs of people who have been denied benefits for eating disorder treatment. Kantor sues health plans that refuse coverage, or agree to pay for treatment for a short period of time, forcing patients to be discharged before their health is restored.
In 2007, Kantor won the first published eating disorder decision in California in which the court applied the state's mental health parity law to beneficiaries who sought treatment outside California.  In August 2012, she won the first federal court ruling that determined health plans must pay for all medically necessary treatment for mental illnesses, including residential treatment. She was recently nominated by the White House as a "Champions for Change" leader helping communities focus on prevention and public health by tackling everything from childhood obesity, reducing health disparities, fighting healthcare acquired infections, to taking various innovative steps to move us towards a healthier America.
Media Contact: Rachel Teicher,



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